Partner With Anthony Review – LEGIT Clickfunnels Program?

In my review of Partner With Anthony 2019 we see if it’s a legit program or an anthonymorrison.clickfunnels scam?

partner with anthony

Inside this blog post Partner With Anthony review (PWA 2019) we will see how this Clickfunnels program works and whether it is a legitimate system to get involved with or not.

Like me, you may have seen lots of emails promoting this offer to direct you to the Anthony Morrison Clickfunnels page. There is therefore lots of hype & buzz around this offer so I hope my opinions in this post can help you out as you go about your due diligence.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer (is very cool!) and my opinions on this product and the industry in general are taken from my personal experience over the last 7 years working at home.

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Partner With Anthony Review

Partner With Anthony is a combination of an internet marketing training membership site and an online business opportunity.

Inside the PWA 2019 program you are taken through a number of video training modules teaching you about the online business industry in general and how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The process of affiliate marketing is where you build your own simple websites to generate traffic online, and then to divert those visitors to the sales page of an affiliate offer where you will earn a commission if a sale is made.

It is that same step-by-step process that you learn as you go through the Anthony Morrison training program.

I have been working from home doing affiliate marketing for around 7 years now. It is a really cool business model to get involved with and PWA provides members the chance to learn from a famous internet marketer who has appeared on various mainstream media outlets.

Partner With Anthony – The Business Opportunity

As part of this Partner With Anthony review it is also worth pointing out that there is an online business opportunity attached to this program.

So as a PWA 2019 member, you will have the chance to promote the system yourself as an affiliate.

This not only gives you the chance to earn commissions on the front end $97 and $7/month price points, but also on the tools & services that are promoted inside the members area.

So as a member you will be presented with recommended tools to build your business.

This includes things like the Clickfunnels page builder (for creating your own lead capture pages so you can build an email list) and AWeber (an email autoresponder service so you can promote products to your email leads).

You can add your own unique affiliate ID’s to these tools so that you get credit for referring new customers to them if your Partner With Anthony referrals go onto buy them as they work their way through the members area training.

Is Partner With Anthony A Scam?

No Partner With Anthony scam going on from what I can see.

In fact, it looks like a really cool training site to learn how to do affiliate marketing. And also a system that you can promote yourself to start generating a nice residual income stream.

What will put some people off of the PWA 2019 program is the fact that there are additional costs involved other than joining the Partner With Anthony system itself.

These extra costs are the tools such as Clickfunnels and email autoresponders etc.

Clickfunnels costs $97/month which some newbies may think is quite a lot of money and as a result may not be happy about that being such a central part of the program.

However, it is important to have your own lead capture page setup to start promoting so you can build an email list and start working on getting more and more daily clicks to your affiliate links.

Also, the online business opportunity part of it where you get to promote the same system you just purchased will not be to everyone’s taste.

Whilst it provides for a really good way to start generating commissions for Clickfunnels and other programs, in the long run it will be a good idea to apply the training and tools to creating your own sales processes so you are not competing with all the other Anthony Morrisson PWA affiliates all promoting the same pages.

Partner With Anthony – Does It Work?

Partner With Anthony (PWA 2019) Clickfunnels system is like any online program, some people will make money with it and many will not.

There is a bit of a learning curve associated with online marketing.

So it is a matter of taking your time to go through all the training material, get your system setup, and then to get out there and start advertising your website.

There may well be an initial few weeks/months of trial and error as you find the advertising strategies that make the best fit for you and thus start building a bit of momentum.

Some people will think this is too much work (and also not want to invest in additional tools) and thus quit and not get any results. Yet, some will take massive action and drive lots of traffic to their system and generate some nice commissions.

There are never any guarantees with this sort of thing, but he does seem to provide members with everything needed to start getting results

Summary Of My Partner With Anthony Review

OK, let’s finish off my review of Partner With Anthony.

I think it will provide a good introduction to the online business world for the typical newbie and will help get people setup and running with their own affiliate marketing system that they can start promoting for commissions right away.

PWA 2019 is built around the Clickfunnels platform (and affiliate program) which costs $97/month and this may put off some people who don’t want to spend more money beyond the Partner With Anthony membership cost itself.

Also, the business opportunity part of it provides a good opportunity to generate ongoing residual income for people that want to promote the program.

But at the same time lots of people will all be promoting the same pages and that could lead to it becoming saturated and hard for the beginner to make sales.

That is why I suggest, for the long term, that people take the training and tools and create their own unique pages and promote other affiliate offers as well as Partner With Anthony / Clickfunnels in order to stand out from the crowd.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by to read my thoughts!

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