Paul Mampilly Reviews – Is Profits Unlimited Legit?

Hey, looking for Paul Mampilly reviews? You are in the right place as we take a look at what you get with the Profits Unlimited Newsletter by Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly Reviews – Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Paul Mampilly is best known for the Profits Unlimited Newsletter.

This review of Paul Mampilly Profits Unlimited Newsletter will go over what members get with this and whether it is the sort of thing you can expect to get results with for or not.

It is basically designed around the apparent investment opportunities associated with the “Internet Of Things” technology.

This is produced by the Banyan Hill Publishing company and provides both in-depth research on the companies and opportunities in this field, as well as their own stock pick recommendations.

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Paul Mampilly Reviews – Is It Legitimate?

As part of this Paul Mampilly Review, let us first start things off by saying that this most certainly does look like a legitimate publication he is part of with Profits Unlimited.

When conducting my research in the online business & wealth industries, there are so many hyped-up sales pages with anonymous voice over presentations, fake testimonials and pen names for the creator of the program.

Thankfully, that is not the case with Paul Mampilly at Profits Unlimited.

He is a real person with an extensive background working on Wall Street with an impressive track record of making money for his clients, which are big companies.

He started his career at Bankers Trust and then progressed into managing large sums of money for the likes of Bankers Trust Private Bank, Deutsche Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Big media publications including Bloomberg have also featured him for his expertise.

So he is most certainly not some random, internet-only pen name created just for the sake of selling newsletter subscriptions online!

Now he has changed direction and is focused on making money for himself with his picks as well as the members of his newsletter.

This was to provide a better work-life balance away from the stress and high pressure of his previous money management activities.

Because he is now a public figure operating an investment newsletter, he is naturally going to be a target for people writing nasty things online and claiming there is a scam.

Some people may have not made good investment decisions with one or two picks and have a grudge.

And you also get some websites that basically call everything a scam in order to push their own products onto their readers!

But he is a real person running a real newsletter that aims to provided quality research and picks to clients.

Paul Mampilly Profits Unlimited Newsletter – What You Get?

Paul Mampilly Profits Unlimited Newsletter includes the following with the subscription:

The Newsletter – This is the main part of the membership, where Paul Mampilly gives you monthly recommendations of stocks to invest in as part of the Internet Of Things (IOT) industry. This includes at least one pick per month, along with accompanying research and analysis to justify the recommendation.

Email Updates – There are also regular email updates by Paul Mampilly to keep you in the loop with what is going on in the industry and markets at all times.

Access to Porfolio – As a subscriber to the Profits Unlimited Newsletter you get access to Paul Mampilly’s full model portfolio. This uses the same process that he went through to achieve past successful gains of between 239% to 2,539%. Information for picks is not just provided, but recommendations for good prices to buy and sell at as well.

Internet Of Thing Action Plan – This includes a number of reports that are included as a free bonus for joining the Profits Unlimited Newsletter. These guides go in-depth into the main players in the Internet Of Things trend as well as the type of companies to look out for investing in and those to avoid to save on potential losses. It really does look to give the reader a comprehensive education on the exciting technological revolution that is the Internet Of Things to aid in future investment decisions.

These reports include the following: The Company Leading the $19 Trillion Revolution, 5 Technology Stocks That Will Power the Next Industrial Revolution, 3 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid!, and The Bauman Letter.

Profits Unlimited Paul Mampilly Reviews – Pros and Cons?

Paul Mampilly looks to have put together an impressive newsletter with some exciting bonus resources, however with any service like this regarding investment there are never going to be any guarantees of results.

Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of this type of subscription:


  • Fast-track your research and go straight to the recommendations for the top companies to be aware of as part of the Internet Of Things investment trends.
  • Low cost subscription of only $79 Per Month, with the digital-only option of just $47/Month.
  • There is a money back guarantee so they want happy customers and are not just there to grab your money and run!
  • Stock picks and portfolio recommendations that go into details such as the right time to both buy and sell.


  • No guarantees of generating successful investments/trades. Paul Mampilly certainly does look to have an impressive track record, but even he gets losses along the way.
  • Money management – Often what will determine the success or failure of an investor is not the quality of the picks from a newsletter like this, but the position size taken up. Many people invest too much upfront and then start panicking if things do not go their way right away.
  • Consistency needed – you can never tell which are going to be the winners and losers from the picks. So in order to achieve the same profit/loss results as the Profits Unlimited Newsletter as a whole you may well need to consistently take up every investment rather than pick and choose between.

Paul Mampilly Reviews Summary – Worth A Try?

In summary of this Paul Mampilly review, he is a real person with a proven track record in Wall Street investing whom is now putting his expertise into the Profits Unlimited stock picks Newsletter.

It is good to see someone put their real name behind a service and not just hide behind an anonymous pen name and use fake paid actor testimonials to try and sell their products (other product launches in the “make money” space often do that).

As you do your online research for reviews and feedback for this newsletter, you will find a mixture of positive and negative comments.

Take this with a pinch of salt as there are always people saying nasty things about public figures specifically in the wealth industry. And there are other people trying to promote the products at any cost.

The best way to really find out about these types of services is to give it a go yourself.

There are obviously going to be no guarantees of making money with these stock picks and some people may lose money. A lot of it will depend on the money management skills of the individual member.

In any case, I hope my quick thoughts on the Paul Mapilly Profits Unlimited Newsletter was of some help.

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