Profit Point Autonomy Review – $500 Per Day Scam?

Hey, in my review of Profit Point Autonomy we will see if this really makes $500/day or is just a hype-filled Profit Point Autonomy Scam?

profit point autonomy

Profit Point Autonomy Review – CPA Marketing

Profit Point Autonomy has just been released as a new affiliate offer doing the rounds on major affiliate networks that carry the business opportunity programs.

CPA stands for cost per action and instead of getting a commission percentage for the sale, the affiliate gets a one-time payment that is often higher than the cost of the initial product itself.

This review of Profit Point Autonomy looks at the income producing potential of this system for newbies or whether it is just experienced CPA affiliate marketers who will make all the cash.

These thoughts are taken from my years of experience working from home doing digital marketing. I hope they will be of help to you!

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Profit Point Autonomy Review – Scam or Legitimate?

In my Profit Point Autonomy Review I will first take a look at CPA marketing, as briefly mentioned above.

CPA marketing can be a good strategy to get upfront payments for selling products to your email list or other website traffic you have at your disposal.

And you usually get paid more money than the product costs to the consumer on the front end.

For example, you might get paid $65 for selling a $47 product.

And if the customer refunds the product the vendor does not take away the commission from you so that is why it is appealing to many affiliates in the “make money online” niche.

The reason they can afford to do this is because they have additional upsells and more expensive products that they sell to the customers on the backend and they get to keep 100% of the profits for that.

So they are essentially paying money up front in order to have a new customer referred to them and then they make that money back with the future products they promote to that same person.

Unfortunately, a lot of these CPA offers are very hyped-filled sales videos with fake testimonials and outlandish income claims that the typical beginner to the industry is not going to be able to achieve.

Some offers do look legitimate, however, and these ones tend to come from companies who are transparent about whom the CEO is and what products/services they offer, provide income dislaimers, and the testimonials are from real customers.

Profit Point Autonomy might not be scam, but they are not very transparent in how the system works and the people who run the company.

What Is The Profit Point Autonomy Strategy?

Profit Point Autonomy claim to build you a website that makes money online.

They make it sounds like your website is already up and running and making money and that all you have to do is click a button to claim it for yourself and start getting paid commissions.

But things are not quite as easy as that!

They may well give you a legitimate website, but you are going to have to learn how to effectively promote it on the internet with internet marketing strategies before it actually gets traffic and sales.

They way that your new Profit Point Autonomy website is going to make money is via affiliate marketing.

This is where you post content in the form of blog posts on your site and then promote it via social media and try and rank in in the search engines.

From the traffic you get you then get them to click on your links over to the sales page of an affiliate product.

Nowadays most of these new product launches tend to evolve around promote offers on Amazon as an affiliate marketer.

However, the method can also be used for Shopify style dropshipping as well as promoting digital products on the likes of Clickbank.

So the basic internet marketing approach of using a website to generate affiliate commissions is a legitimate one.

But for just $47 you are unlikely to be magically making a ton of money right away without doing any extra work. I very much doubt the website will instantly be getting sales for you without any work!

Profit Point Autonomy Testimonials?

Let’s see if the Profit Point Autonomy testimonials are real reviews from actual users of the system.

Or are they paid actors reading from a script?

For someone new to these kind of offers it can be hard to tell.

My first reaction is that they are actors reading from a script.

Now, they could be acting as a representation of real results that have been generated using this system.

But I am not convinced the people featured in the videos are actual users of the product.

That is because the way they speak is a bit unnatural as though they have been told what to say.

Also the results they have been getting do not sound believable.

They are claiming to be making thousands of dollars just by clicking a few buttons, but that sounds too good to be true to me.

Often with these hyped-up testimonials you get someone using professional HD footage in a sort of home studio and they most definitely look like the freelancers getting paid to do the review.

However, some of the Profit Point Autonomy customer testimonial snippets actually look more real because they have been recorded with lower quality footage on mobile phones.

But in reality, the typical beginners is very much unlikely to be getting the type of income they talk about without putting in lots of work on a consistent basis.

Profit Point Autonomy Review Summary – Yes or No?

To finish off this Profit Point Autonomy review, there are several things I don’t like the look of in the sales video.

This makes me think it is not the best way for the typical beginner to get involved in the online business world.

The main thing that sprung out at me were the big income claims and the messaging that implied that no work or skills are needed and that you just need to click 1 button to make money!

I guess claiming that you need to just click a button to get results is appealing to complete newbies who do not understand the industry.

And therefore the sales conversion rate is higher for the vendor/affiliates and more people buy their product and they make more money.

However, for the customer actually using the system they are going to discover that it is not as quick ad easy as they website claimed it would be and that a learning curve needs to be overcome and hard work is needed.

This disconnect between the sales page and the actual reality of the product is likely to result in a fairl high refund rate.

But is hard to tell if Profit Point Autonomy is a scam, because they may well provide legitimate training and a website to start promoting online.

For the typical person, however, a hyped-up offer like this with big outlandish income claims is not going to be the best introduction to the internet marketing world.

Something more realistic that you can work on for the long run and steadily build up skills over time is going to be better for most people I would think.

In any case, thank you for stopping by my post on Profit Point Autonomy.

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