Real Profits Online (2020) Review – System Scam?

My review of Real Profits Online (2020) takes a look at this ecom cash system and whether it is a scam or legit website.

As part of this Real Profits Online review we will see what the business model involves and whether it is the sort of thing that beginners to the industry can expect to make money with or not.

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Real Profits Online Review

Real Profits Online (2020) is a system that teaches members how to make money with their own Amazon affiliate websites.

This is a legitimate business model that many entrepreneurs choose to take use of.

real profits online system

Some people will use this method as their main source of income whilst others may have a few Amazon affiliate websites up and running for additional revenue sources in their overall online business.

However, it remains to be seen whether this particular training system is the best way for beginners to learn how to get involved with this form of marketing as well as get the tools and websites needed to get things off the ground.

By the way, I have also reviewed other internet marketing tools in my Funnel X ROI and Fearless Momma blog posts.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – The Real Profits Online Business Model

Affiliate marketing on the Amazon platform is the business model behind the strategies taught as part of the Real Profits Online website.

As already stated, this is a really good industry to learn more about and to get involved in for those looking to become online entrepreneurs.

So let us talk a bit about how affiliate marketing works and how it can be used in conjunction with Amazon or other ecommerce platforms.

It is basically a way of earning commissions by promoting the products listed on the Amazon website. The commissions can range from around 2% to 8% of the sale. It is their way of saying thank you for sending them business.

The way Real Profits Online teaches people to promote these products is by creating their own affiliate websites in order to generate traffic on the internet.

So content will be added to the website that will discuss a number of products within a specific niche.

Internet marketing in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, videos, article marketing, email and social media marketing is then done to promote the websites in order to get people to visit them.

And then with the visitors your website gets, the aim is then to get them to click through to the sales page of an ecommerce product via one of your affiliate links.

The link the tracks the sale back to you as the affiliate so you get credited with the commission.

Is Real Profits Online A Fake Website?

In this Real Profits Online review we will now look at the sales page and video presentation of this product and whether it looks real or fake.

Not sure about it being fake or a scam, but the website does make quite big income claims in the headline as well as the testimonials featured within the sales pages.

real profits online

There is obviously going to be no guarantee of new members getting those kind of profits.

These type of systems use those big numbers to try and get visitors excited about the potential in this industry. But it could take a number of years to reach those heights.

The website Real Profits Online website has a catchy heading and then below that is a sales video presentation.

The video includes a professional voice over artist reading from the text slideshow script. They also have a number of pictures and cartoon animations to help explain the concept behind their business model.

Visitors are asked to enter their name and email address to progress to the next page and learn more about how the program works.

There is then a middle page just before the checkout. This is another sales like video, but this time they focus on video testimonials from customers.

Some quite big income claims are made in those videos so I am not sure if they are from real customers or just examples of what other experienced entrepreneurs get in the industry in general.

And finally, and “add to cart” button appears where the visitor goes to the checkout to complete the purchase.

The is scarcity on the checkout page where they claim that the product is available at a discount rate for the next 5 minutes. They have a countdown timer to show this.

It is hard to tell whether that is a legitimate discount or fake scarcity.

I would not be surprised if you could go back at a later date with a different browser/IP address and the countdown timer we reset to 5 minutes and the Real Profits Online discount be available again.

Does It Really Work?

The Real Profits Online testimonials do not add much credibility to whether this system really works or not.

That is because it is hard to tell whether they are legitimate reviews from actual paying customers, actors reading out customer email reviews, or just representations of the potential for the industry in general.

Either way, some people may well get results with this whilst many others will not.

You are likely to learn some useful marketing techniques for building affiliate websites and promoting Amazon affiliate products with the traffic you get.

And they may well give you websites to help you get started.

This business model is also similar in the Ecom Cash Code and Ecom Cash Crusher programs.

However, your website is not just magically going to be making money right out of the gate.

real profits online testimonial

It will take consistent promotional activities on a daily basis for the coming months before some traction is established and things start to get moving in a new online business.

It is an exciting business model with good income generating potential, but realistic expectations are needed as well as consistent work and action to get to that point.

They big income claims used in the sales video presentation may give new customers the incorrect assumption that they will suddenly be making lots of money by doing nothing else apart from buying the product.

But when they hit in inevitable stumbling blocks along the way they may quit too early instead of giving it a proper go for a number of months before determining if the business makes a good fit for them or not.

Real Profits Online Review Summary

In summary of my Real Profits Online review for 2019, whilst it looks like a hyped-up sales page with unrealistic income claims there is probably going to be a few strategies and tips that will be useful to learn.

But realistic expectations are going to be needed going in order to go through all the training and learn those things without quitting if it does not work right away.

The testimonials look a bit unrealistic so I would think it is unlikely that the typical customer will reach anywhere near those levels to start with.

But Amazon affiliate marketing is a good business strategy to learn about and potentially get involved with.

You are getting to “piggy back” off the trust and authority of their platform to make it easier to get sales conversions and commissions coming in.

However, the commission percentages are fairly low for promoting physical products. They are usually only around 5% or so.

That is why I prefer to plug-in to systems that promote digitally downloadable products that pay out at much higher rates, often 50%, 75% or more.

In any case, thanks for stopping by to read my review of Real Profits Online.

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