Residual Income Affiliate Programs 2019 – Best Residual Income Programs

Residual income affiliate programs – what are the best residual income programs to join?

Hey, on this page I will go over ideas for how to find the best residual income affiliate programs and how to market them online to make them work for you.

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Internet Marketing Sales Funnel – It is essential to be selling your residual income affiliate programs as part of a sales funnel. This will increase your earnings per lead that you generate online. So instead of selling a one off product, have a low ticket entry level product to get people into your system. You can then provide upsells, downsells and a OTO (One Time Offers) to make even more upfront money per buyer. It is the sales funnel upsell sequence where the real money is made, espeically if you have a high ticket product in the backend.

Upsell Sequence – When you sell a product on the internet as an affiliate marketer it is important that your customer is given more products to purchase, and at a slightly higher price point each time. It is much easier to make money online in 2019 by giving your existing customers more products to buy than it is to go out there and try and acquire brand new customers.

Affiliate Sales Funnels – Another great way to increase the average lifetime value per customer is to send your traffic through a sales funnel for your residual income affiliate programs. A sales funnel typically involves a low cost front end product to get people into the system. And then a number of increasingly more expensive products are promoted to that customer, finally with a big high ticket product on the backend. That way you can monetize every customer from people who can only afford small purchases, to people serious about their home based business and thus prepared to spend the big bucks on it.

Products To Sell – When you residual income affiliate programs it is important to have quality products to sell that are of value. Many companies have been guilty of having members sell products to other marketers who do not actually use the products and just stuff them in their cupboard unused! Make sure the products you sell are actually used by the customers and offer value.

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