ShopMonopoly Review and Bonus – 2 Free Systems

Bryan Winters bonus package and ShopMonopoly Review – includes paid membership to 2 free software systems. All is revealed!

shopmonopoly review

ShopMonopoly Review – Bonus Package Revealed

ShopMonopoly bonus package by Bryan Winters includes paid membership to 2 free systems. All is revealed in this honest review!

Before we look at the complete review of ShopMonopoly bonus package and the eCom marketing system, it is important to highlight that they will be running a new launch discount to start with.

So instead of paying a monthly fee (new ShopMonopoly members joining after launch will) they have an initial one-time lifetime access offer.

That also includes access to the bonus package, where you get additional free access to 2 other top marketing software systems.

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ShopMonopoly Review – Bryan Winters Bonus

In my ShopMonopoly Review I want to dive right into the free bonuses that you get!

The 2 main Bryan Winters bonus offers include: Viral Lightning & Cash Blurbs free memberships.

The offer that most excites be is Viral Lightning. This software lets you create your own professional “done for you” affiliate marketing systems that can be used to promote any affiliate offer of your choosing.

So when you buy ShopMonopoly via the discount coupon offer, you will get a fully upgraded account to ViralLightning as well as CashBlurbs.

Viral Lightning also has the additional twist where it enables you to act as a product vendor, even when just promoting affiliate products.

That is because the people you refer to your system, after being added to your email list will be provided with 2 options: 1) they can buy your promotion and you get paid or 2) they can promote your affiliate link (to build your list and promote your offer) in order to get free access to the income producing part of the system they just joined.

And then there is Cash Blurbs which is a viral social media traffic site. You will get other members sharing your link for a nice bit of additional free traffic to any website of your choice.

Bryan Winters ShopMonopoly Bonuses

There are also standard Shop Monopoly bonuses by Bryan Winters in additional to those additional mega bonus offers. Let’s dive into these bonuses in this review.

The standard Shop Monopoly bonus offers include 50 Done For You eCommerce Product Campaigns added to your account. This includes everything needed to get up and running promoting those items including graphics, product descriptions, product descriptions, drop shipping company information and more.

As the 2nd free bonus you get with is a Private Invite into the 6 Figure Ecom Mogul Group where you can get help from other members, Bryan Winters, and top online entrepreneurs. So new members are not just left to go at it alone when they join. There is built in community support as part of it which is great to see.

ShopMonopoly Review

In this ShopMonopoly Review I will now talk a bit about some of the key features of this software.

The innovative aspect of this new system is that it lets you sell physical eCommerce products (or digital items if you wish) with a direct response internet marketing approach.

So think of combining hot Clickbank, JVZoo or WarriorPlus affiliate launch funnels with an Amazon style product offering.

The problem with a traditional eCommerce website is all the distractions of other listings that the customer may click to.

But with direct response digital marketing you are only selling 1 product at a time and using high converting internet marketing sales page tactics to help do so.

As part of this Shop Monopoly review it is worth mentioning that there is the extra step of fulfilling the product order that makes this business model a bit more complicated than traditional affiliate marketing of digital products.

You will need to get a drop shipping company to fulfill the order for you. So you will pay this company a part of your earnings from the customer for them to send the product to them. Then you pocket the difference in profit.

It is an extra step compared to the more automated delivery of digital items, but all the company information is provided inside the membership area for those excited about diving into the hugely popular eCommerce business model.

Also to mention that there are various ShopMonopoly payment methods that can be integrated in these done-for-you sales pages. This includes Paypal, Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus as some of the most well known payment processors you can use.

ShopMonopoly – Are There Upsells and OTOS?

Yes, there are optional OTO and Upsell offers for ShopMonopoly for those serious about this business.

Upsell #1 – You get Extra eCom Product Funnels. Including text, graphics, sales page, payment integration, drop shipping information etc. These product funnels are ready to promote right away and benefit from the unique direct response approach used for eCommerce marketing.

Upsell #2 – Affiliate Integration. After selling a physical product via your eCommerce store to a customer, they are presented with the opportunity to become a ShopMonopoly member themselves. You will earn extra backend commissions on autopilot when this happens if you activate this affiliate option.

ShopMonopoly OTO #3 – Unlimited Premium Listings. The final OTO will let you list unlimited products as a featured listing on the Marketplace. This has the potential for ongoing free visitors to your offers as the company website grows over time.

ShopMonopoly Review Summary

To wrap up this review of ShopMonopoly, let’s recap some of the key advantages of hopping on board this product launch.

First of all, you get access to the Viral Lightning List Building & Affiliate Marketing System as a paid member, for free. This bonus option lets you promote any offer you want and build your email list on autopilot in the process.

Other ShopMonopoly bonuses include membership to CashBlurbs and 50 Done For You eCommmerce Product Campaigns for you to promote right out of the box.

The main system itself lets you combine direct response internet marketing with an eCommerce store for a very powerful sales combination. I have not yet seen something that brings together these 2 marketing methods quite so effectively.

And whilst there is a focus on selling physical products via the recommended drop shipping companies, you are also free to sell digital products that are instantly download on the internet. It is entirely up to you how to make use of the service.

In any case, I hope my thoughts in this blog post helped you understand a bit more about ShopMonopoly.

Be sure to grab your new-launch discount and Bryan Winters Shop Monopoly bonus package via the page below.

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