Silk Road Effect Review – $34,284 Scam?

Hey, here is my review of Silk Road Effect. It is a Clickbank ecommerce / drop shipping system, but does the Silk Road Effect make $34,284?

I spotted the Silk Road Effect system being promoted by lots of affiliates in my email inbox, so I thought I would do a quick blog post to let you know my thoughts.

I earn a full-time income on the internet doing affiliate marketing and have been doing that for a good number of years now, so I hope my opinions will be of value.

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silk road effect

Silk Road Effect Review

Silk Road Effect is on the Clickbank Marketplace in the E-Business and Marketing Section.

The sales video presentation is very vague about what the business model that is being used to make the money is and the type of strategies you will learn on the inside.

This vagueness is not new, and recent launches of Private Cash Sites and Auto Chat Profits tend to keep back some of the secrets in the hope you will buy just to see how it all works.

But it does seem that the Silk Road Effect system is based around the ecommerce marketing and drop shipping business model.

Members are taught how to source cheap products from China and then resell them for a big mark up to a western audience on ecommerce platforms.

It does seem like a pretty interesting business model, it is just they make it sound super quick and easy to make money with but that may not be the case for all beginners.

Silk Road Effect Sales Page

The sales page on the Silk Road Effect Clickbank website is laid out in a similar way to other recent product launches.

I guess that is because that method of presentation converts quite well into sales.

silk road effect sales page

There is an eye catching heading at the top of the page to make it sound exciting and they also make a big income claim about what the creator is making with the Silk Road Effect.

Then there is a sales video presentation with a voice over artist reading from the text on the page.

There is no text version of this sales page for people that like to read. Some other programs like to provide that.

There are some more quite big income claims made in the sales video and income screenshots of the creator’s bank accounts.

No Silk Road Effect testimonials from real customers are provided within the content.

The lack of customer reviews is fair enough though as it is a new launch and not putting any testimonial feedback is better than putting fake ones up like lots of websites seem to do!

And finally, below the sales video is an opt-in form where you enter in your email address in order to gain access to the checkout page where you buy the product via the Clickbank digital retailer.

Lots of products including the new Easy Cash Club system tends to use a similar format.

Does The Silk Road Effect Really Work?

As part of this Silk Road Effect review it is worth talking about whether this system really works or if there is a scam taking place.

Not sure that there is a Silk Road Effect scam as it does appear that you will learn some useful ecommerce and drop shipping strategies.

The whole business model of buying low priced products and reselling them at a higher price is legitimate and many people will be making good money doing this.

However, the typical newbie using the system is unlikely to be able to make the big money that they talk about right away and may therefore think it is a scam if it is not as easy as the sales page made it out to be.

With any new business model it takes a bit of time to learn how it all works and go through the training.

And then consistent action taking is needed on the information.

There is going to be an initial period of trial and error, failing, improving, tweaking and moving forward before results are finally seen.

silk road effect video

So some people may well get good results if it introduces them to a whole new way of doing business online.

But the typical user is likely to quit early where they are not making the 30K/month the sales page talks about.

Clickbank – The Retailed Of Silk Road Effect

Is good to see that Clickbank has chosen to be the retailer of the Silk Road Effect.

Clickbank is a trusted company that acts as the digital retailer and payment processor. So you are not paying the creators of the system directly for the purchase, but Clickbank who acts as the middle man so you know you are safe with them.

It also has a marketplace of lots of different products in many niches.

Affiliates can sign-up and promote these offers and that is why lots of people will be mailing out about the Silk Road Effect right now in the hope to earn come commissions.

The Silk Road Effect Review Summary

In summary of this review of Silk Road Effect, it looks like a cool business model of buying low and selling high.

Ecommerce marketing and drop shipping are very popular business models nowadays so well worth learning about.

But whilst I don’t think Silk Road Effect is a scam, at the same time they make very hyped-up income claims which will give people the wrong idea.

As a result many users will just quit before properly learning how it all works and improving as they go along.

Anyhow, much thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on The Silk Road Effect.

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