Six Figure Side Hustle Review – Legit List Building System?

Welcome to my Six Figure Side Hustle review! This product launch promises to provide an interesting list building strategy that sets it apart from other products in the market. As an experienced digital marketer focused on traffic generation and list building, I wanted to dive deeper into Six Figure Side Hustle and explore its unique features. In this article, I will discuss the concept behind this product, its benefits, and potential considerations.

A Different Style of Sales Page

Six Figure Side Hustle is a Warrior Plus launch that stands out due to its unusual sales page. Unlike most products on Warrior Plus, this one features a voice-over artist in the video presentation. However, it doesn’t reveal the identity of the system creator, referring to them as “Luther,” possibly a pen name or a company name. Despite this mystery, the product claims to offer a unique approach to list building using affiliate networks.

Utilizing Affiliate Networks for List Building

While there are strategies that leverage affiliate networks for list building, they often require upfront ad spend. These strategies involve creating cost-per-lead (CPL) offers on affiliate networks, where you pay a certain amount per lead generated by affiliates. This method guarantees leads, but it involves a significant financial investment.

The Six Figure Side Hustle system takes a different approach. It claims to provide a list building strategy that doesn’t require creating your own product or upfront ad spend. Instead, the focus seems to be on generating content for affiliate networks using AI and outsourcing. The leads obtained through this method are uploaded directly to your email autoresponder account via API, bypassing the traditional squeeze page process.

The Unique List Building Approach

The specific strategy employed by Six Figure Side Hustle remains somewhat vague. It appears to involve utilizing AI and outsourced content generation to create compelling content and sales copy for affiliate marketing. This content is then used to attract leads through the affiliate network. Unlike traditional methods, the leads are directly imported to your email list without seeing any initial offers or one-time promotions.

While this approach may result in lower initial conversion rates, it allows for building relationships and consistent email marketing over time. By following up with the leads and delivering valuable content, you can gradually monetize them with affiliate marketing offers. The product claims to have modules that cover this method in detail, providing step-by-step guidance on using AI to generate content, build an email list, and leverage the unique affiliate network strategy.

Impressive Modules and Bonuses

Six Figure Side Hustle offers an impressive range of modules that delve into the details of their list building method. These modules explain how to use AI and outsourcing to create effective content and sales copy for affiliate marketing. Additionally, the product provides valuable bonuses such as cheat sheets, step-by-step planners, and outsourcing rolodexes. These resources are designed to simplify the implementation process and serve as quick references for users, enabling them to get started efficiently.

Considerations and Unknowns

While Six Figure Side Hustle presents an intriguing approach to list building, there are some considerations and unknowns to keep in mind. The product’s sales page lacks transparency regarding the system creator’s identity, leaving users uncertain about the product’s origins and credibility. Furthermore, the strategy itself remains somewhat vague, making it difficult to assess its effectiveness without more specific details.


In conclusion, Six Figure Side Hustle offers a unique list building approach by leveraging affiliate networks and employing AI and outsourcing for content generation. While there are some unknowns and considerations, such as the undisclosed system creator and the lack of detailed strategy information, the product’s modules and bonuses seem promising for those interested in exploring alternative methods of list building. As a digital marketer focused on list building and affiliate marketing, I prefer squeeze pages as they provide more congruence with my offers. However, if you’re interested in exploring this unique approach, Six Figure Side Hustle might be worth considering.