Smart Profit App Review – $1.9K/Day Download?

Smart Profit App is a new download on the Clickbank platform. Does it make a legit $1.9K/day or just a Smart Profit App scam?

My review of Smart Profit App will take a look at the overall layout of the website, what their money making method is, and the sales tricks they use to try and get you to make the purchase.

Lots of people will be receiving emails about this “risk-free” Smart Profit App software app download.

That is because affiliate marketers are looking to get their commission when people buy via their recommendation.

But is does this system make money for the customers actually using the software or not? Let’s dive in!

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Smart Profit App

First of all, as part of this Smart Profit App review I would like to point out that I earn a full-time income by working from home as an affiliate marketer.

It is very cool!

Affiliate marketing is where I simply upload content to the internet in the form of articles, blog posts, videos and other forms of advertising.

The visitors I get from my website with these methods are then diverted through a sales funnel where I am building my email list and earning commissions by promoting high paying, high quality digital programs.

And with Smart Profit App you are going to have lots of Clickbank affiliates sending broadcast emails to their email list to try and get them to buy via their link.

That way they can earn around 75% commissions for the sale and also backend upsell products.

Nothing wrong with that at all. It is what I do!

But I am not convinced that this particular product will give that much value to the customer of the product, whom is looking to discover how to make money online and wants a useful free software download to help.

In my opinion the people making the most money from this system are going to be those promoting it. Not those using it.

Is Smart Profit App Legit?

Hard to tell if Smart Profit App is legit, but at the same time that is not to say that Smart Profit App is a scam either.

In fact, even the most hyped-up product launches tend to have a useful strategy or two that you can apply to your online business ventures.

But the problem is that most of these type of Clickbank launches consist of old rehashed content that is sold over and over again but under re-branded product names.

Smart Profit App Scam?

Whilst there may not be a Smart Profit App scam, there are a few red flags that arise in my mind as I take a look at this sales page.

First of all, we do not know who the system creator is.

It just seems to be an anonymous person using a pen name.

And then the sales video presentation is extremely vague about exactly what the software app actually does and how it goes about making money.

They do not even reveal what niche/marketplace this system operates in.

At a first glance it does seem likely to be that this is an affiliate marketing system where you are using the app to try and make money by promoting products on platforms such as Amazon or Clickbank.

This is a really cool business model to get involved with (I do it!) but at the same time I am not sure this particular offer is going to be the best way to get started.

I think they are deliberately vague about how the download works because they want you to buy the product to find out!

Does Smart Profit App Work?

Smart Profit App makes some big income claims on the sales page, but I find it unlikely that many members using it will get those kind of results.

There are no fake paid actor Smart Profit App testimonials, which is good to see.

But he does tell stories of people that he knows who have made thousands of dollars using his system.

Whilst I am skeptical about those claims, they could well be true. It just gives people unrealistic expectations about what they can achieve.

Perhaps this system will work for some people who give it a proper go and work hard on the training provided.

It does take perseverance in this industry to get over the initial struggles until you have finally found an approach that works for you.

But this sales pages tries to make it seem that no effort or work is needed to see success.

As a result, some customers might well think it is a scam when they realize there is a bit more to making money online that this websites states.

Smart Profit App Download

Not sure if you can actually download Smart Profit App or if it is merely an information product.

With a lot of these Clickbank systems they present the offer as a money-making software app but when you get on the inside it is simply a membership sites with generic affiliate marketing training in the form of video modules and ebook guides.

It does look like that any software will have to do with sharing content such as blog posts and advertisements on social media platforms. And then the visitors attracted by that will be presented with advertising for products that you will earn a commission from if they decide to buy.

Summary Of Smart Profit App Review

In summary of my review on Smart Profit App, it is hard to tell if it is legit or a scam but because of the anonymous creator and the hype and claims made in the presentation I am doubtful this is going to provide a good start point for someone looking to get started in the affiliate marketing industry.

Smart Profit App is sold via Clickbank which means lot of affiliates will be using that platform to promote it in return for 75% commissions. So take their recommendations with a pinch of salt.

However, as a customer Clickbank is actually a really good platform and protects you with their private/secure webcart as well as customer support and product guarantee.

In any case, I hope you got some useful information from my thoughts on Smart Profit App!

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