Spring Profits Review – $3M T-Shirts Scam?

My review of Spring Profits will see if $3Million selling T-Shirts is possible or if it is a Spring Profits scam?

You may have been sent an email about the Spring Profits T-Shirt selling system. That is likely to be from an affiliate marketer who wants you to buy it via their link so they earn a commission.

But is it a legitimate way to make money online with your own business or is it just one big scam?

I work from home doing digital marketing for a living. It is a really cool and flexible way to earn an income.

So I thought I would make use of my years of experience in seeing these types of products come and go by creating this post.

I hope my opinions will help you out as you do your own research.

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Spring Profits

Spring Profits Review

Spring Profits is a Clickbank training product that teaches you how to make money online by selling t-shirts on platforms such as Teespring.

This is a legitimate business model and there will be entrepreneurs out there that are making good money with this strategy.

Several years ago I recall seeing a ton of information products being launched that were based about selling t-shirts on Teespring.

It seemed to be a very hot topic at the time.

But nowadays I don’t see many programs teaching this strategy.

Perhaps that it is because it has become a bit dated and saturated, thus harder to generate a profit with.

Either way, we will take a closer look at this system on this page in the same way I went over other recent launches with Auto Online Sites and Bulletproof Profits.

Spring Profits Teespring Strategy

In this Spring Profits review I will talk a bit more about how this product is based around selling t-shirts on Teespring.

The way it works is you come up with your own t-shirt design and then you list it for sale on ecommerce platforms.

You don’t even need to order the stock to your home in advance.

When someone buys from your product listing it is at that point that you pay the t-shirt company to print a copy of your product and to ship it directly to the customer.

It is a bit like dropshipping where you pocket the difference between the cost of t-shirt production and the money you received from the customer.

The profit margins can be small with this type of business model so that is why I prefer to promote high paying digital products with affiliate marketing.

That way a lot less sales are needed to generate a decent profit per month.

Is Spring Profits a Scam?

Spring Profits does not look like a scam, but they do make some big income claims on the sales page.

Those big claims are likely to make customers think they can easily replicate that level of success very quickly.

But that is unlikely to be the case.

So as a result people may quit very early when the business plan is slightly harder and more longer term than they initially hand in mind.

So there may very well be some high quality training inside the members area, but because people are expecting to make thousands of dollars very quickly they may not take the time to go through it properly.

Another thing to watch out for with this business model is to make sure you are not infringing on the copyright of another company.

Newbies may well think they can use the logo or “piggy back” off the popularity of another brand to sell more t-shirts.

But that is likely to cause copyright issues as they are trying to make money off the back of the hard work of another company.

It is more clever and catchy sayings, interesting new designs, memes etc. that do not have copyright issues that are likely to do better.

Spring Profits Testimonials From Real Customers?

Are the Spring Profits testimonials from real customers of the system?

On first glance, the reviews from these so-called customers do not look natural at all and some very unrealistic income claims are made.

spring profits testimonials

The testimonial videos are also done in a very sleek, professional way as though they are actors with their own equipment and lighting who are just reading from a script.

Big income claims are made within the customer testimonials as well.

Some experienced entrepreneurs who have been in the industry for a good number of the years probably have built up a very nice income by selling t-shirts.

But it is unlikely that a beginner is going to buy this product on Clickbank for just $37 and then magically be able to make millions of dollars!

I actually find it more believable when a sales video presentation does not have any reviews or income claims. It seems a bit hyped-up otherwise.

I guess these type of testimonial videos do help increase sales conversions though, because a lot of these product launches have them included.

But I always get the impression that it is the product vendor and the affiliates mailing out for this offer that will be making the most money and not the user of the actual product!

Summary Of My Spring Profits Review

Spring Profits is an information product sold on Clickbank that teaches users how to make money by selling t-shirts online using the Teespring platform.

This is a legitimate business model and there are bound to be some very useful techniques taught inside the product.

However, the way that it is presented on the official website makes people think they will just have to click a few buttons to get their t-shirt selling business up and running and generating big money.

It is more likely going to require an initial stage of learning how it works and then consistent hard work over the following months before traction starts to build up.

It is not the sort of thing that can result in tons of money coming in right away.

However, a few members may well have some very unique design ideas in a big niche with little competition.

Those people may well hit the ground running, but the typical customer will not.

I actually prefer to do affiliate marketing promoting digital products than this ecommerce business type of strategy.

That is because there is only small profit margins when you sell physical items like t-shirts because of the production, packaging and postage costs.

When you sell digital products you can earn very high commissions of upwards of 50% and that is much easier to generate a consistent level of income with for the typical person.

In any case, I hope you got some useful information from my review on Spring Profits.

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