The Commission Multiplier Review | Scam or Checks for 2020?

Hey, welcome to my review of The Commission Multiplier.

I don’t think there is a Commission Multiplier scam as it is promoting an opportunity called Super Affiliate Network, and they are not using any fake actor testimonials or too much hyped-up tricks as part of the sales process like other systems such as Website ATM and Profit Point Autonomy seem to do.

The Commission Multiplier testimonials are therefore from members of the Super Affiliate Network (SAN) so they are real people with real experiences with the product. However, they are also affiliates so are naturally going to be biased in favor of the program.

In my review of The Commission Multiplier, it is worth mentioning that this is a CPA affiliate offer that pays out around $60 to $80 per sale that an affiliate makes of a $27 product.

The reason of the high payout is because the company has high ticket upgrades on the backend of their sales funnel and will therefore get a much higher overall customer lifetime value on average.

Whilst I don’t think it is a scam, I am not keen on these very high ticket business opportunities and prefer to plug-in to sales funnels with a low ticket front end and some mid ticket upgrades rather than requiring a big upfront investment for someone who is new to the industry.

In any case, thanks for taking a look at my The Commission Multiplier Review.

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