The CPA Project Bonus – Real $1,365 Value?

The CPA Project Bonus has a supposed $1,365+ value. Let’s take a look at what you get in this CPA Project review!

On this page we will take a look at The CPA Project bonus items and the reviews this new launch as been getting so far.

The CPA Project has a unique strategy that is used to generate traffic and sales online and we will take a quick look at that as well.

I work from home as a full-time internet marketing (is very cool!) so my opinions on this offer are taken from my years of experience in this industry.

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The CPA Project Bonus

In this The CPA Project review let us kick things off by taking a look at the bonus package that has been put together.

  • Bonus 1: $1000/Day In CPA Marketing Live Training – This is live video training from a top, six-figure earner in the CPA Marketing industry.
  • Bonus 2: Master CPA Traffic From Quora – This provides training on how you can leverage the social platform Quora to get traffic for your CPA offers. It is a popular website where people ask questions and get answers from other members, with the option to provide links to you own sites.
  • Bonus 3: CPA List Domination (CPA + Bing Ads Guide) – This is training on using Bing ads to get traffic to promote CPA offers. This is a popular platform due to geo targeting and also targeting specific keywords and also desktop only users for higher sales conversions.
  • Bonus 4: Access To THE CPA PROJECT Mastermind Group – This is a VIP Facebook Group where members can discuss their campaigns and give one another tips on how to get better results with their internet marketing.

The CPA Project Reviews

As well as the bonuses, let us look at reviews for The CPA Project.

On the website for there are other internet marketers giving their feedback for this program.

What I like about these testimonials is that they are from real, well known names in the affiliate marketing space and you may well recognize them from other product launches and also their blogs and YouTube channels.

However, it would be good to see newbie reviews rather than just feedback from the friends of the product vendor whom themselves are already successful marketers even before using the product.

The feedback from these guys do seem to highlight how well the videos are presented in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow along without getting overwhelmed.

The CPA Project – Good Business Model?

As part of this The CPA Project review I will briefly give my thoughts on this business model in general.

The cool thing about CPA marketing is that you get paid more in commissions than the product is worth.

For example, you can earn $70 by promoting a $47 product.

Also, any refunds are not taken out of your commissions. It is at the vendor’s cost.

So it is a good way to consistently scale your campaigns with a guaranteed upfront commission.

The vendor can afford to pay you more than their product is worth because they make the money back on the upsells and additional products they promote to the new customer in the future.

What I don’t like about the CPA industry is that some of the offers are full of hype and use outlandish income claims (in the “make money online” offers in any case) and often use fake actors reading from a script for the testimonials.

But if you can find a legitimate and ethical CPA offer and paid that off with a proven low-cost traffic source then you could have the makings of a profitable campaign.

Summary Of The CPA Project Review and Bonus

The CPA Project bonuses look cool.

Whenever an offer claims the total value of the product and all the bonus items is thousands of dollars I am a bit weary of that claim as it is unlikely the bonuses are going to be sold additionally in their own right.

However, it does look like you get some nice additional training modules to really dive deep into some traffic generation strategies.

I like the look of Bing ads because you can do filtering to make sure you only get USA traffic using desktop computers (not mobile) and that can result in great conversions for CPA offers.

In anycase, I hope this review of The CPA Project was of some use!

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