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Top Online Money Making Systems –- what are the best online money making systems to use…that actually work!

Hey, in this article we will look at how to find the top online money making systems to get involved with, and also how to drive traffic into them in order to make them work for you:

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Sell High Commission Products – Make sure you join the highest paying affiliate programs for high ticket commissions as part of your online money making systems. You don’t have to do much selling of $5,000 commissions or $3,000 commissions products to earn a health income from home. Many top tier direct sales business opportunities even let you promote coaching and live seminars and workshops that cost $20,000! Go for the high ticket products for the bigger money with these top money making systems since it is no harder than selling $7 ebooks!

Follow The Leader – Many people come into the make money online industry with a big ego. They think they know better than everyone else and try to go at it alone. But when you first start out marketing online it is important to have a consistency and focus in what you do. The best way to start is to simply do what other successful marketers are doing. It may sound too simple, you might think there is some other magic secret they are not revealing, but if you put your ego away and just copy a simple step by step process laid out for you by others already seeing great results then you have a better chance of success.

Syndicate Content – Syndicate your blog posts all over the internet. First of all, post the link to your blog post on your Facebook Wall and to Twitter. Then post the blog post to the wall of other relevant Facebook Groups for additional traffic. Then take that blog post and convert it into an article and submit to article directories, submit to press release sites to get into Google News. Submit to document sharing websites, and even look at creating a YouTube video around you blog post and getting traffic from that. Viral content syndication is one of the best ways to start blogging for money in 2013.

Solo Ads – Instead of buying leads to promote your online money making systems and opportunities, I think it is a good idea to go out there and do your own marketing to generate your own MLM leads online. With a solo ad you get to send out your offer to the subscribers of a targeted Ezine newsletter in your niche. One of the best training courses that teaches you how to use solo ads for MLM and network marketing leads is Solo Ads Secrets by Daegan Smith.

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