Traffic Multiplier Review – $227/Day Profit?

My Traffic Multiplier review looks at whether 100% free tools can generate $227/day in pure profit with this system?

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Traffic Multiplier Review

Traffic Multiplier is a new Clickbank launch that provides you with a sales funnel style list building system along with training on how to generate traffic for the offers that you are promoting.

traffic multiplier

This type of product that Traffic Multiplier is all about is in the “internet marketing” niche.

Most of these type of product launches tend to feature on the JVZoo platform, but more and more of them are now moving over to the Clickbank marketplace.

I believe it could be because the internet marketing type of products are having issues with Paypal as a payment processor for use with JVZoo.

The Profit Injector system as well as $5K Formula are 2 recent high quality launches in the online marketing space on Clickbank.

But with Clickbank, vendors are protected by that middleman that handles payment processing and refund requests. There is also a whole new set of affiliates available to vendors to promote their products via Clickbank that may not have otherwise have sent traffic their way.

Traffic Multiplier Sales Page

Anyhow, the Traffic Multiplier sales page is much less hypey and much more informative than your typical Clickbank biz opp launch, which is good to see.

The $227/day “pure profit” headline is a bit of hype and fluff, I must admit.

But at least they show their own earnings proof screenshots and explain it is their own results rather than a guarantee of what new customers will achieve.

Although, it is not obvious where they got that $227/day figure from.

The is also a countdown timer on the website. This counts down from 30 minutes to zero.

When the timer reaches zero the price of the product is supposed to go up. This timer is likely to be unique to the first time visitor, detected by IP address. So every new visitor will get a time starting at 30.

traffic multiplier review

It is hard to tell if this is fake scarcity or whether the price does indeed increase. In any case, I am sure the user could visit the website after refreshing their IP and using a new browser to get the old timer and price back.

The sales video presentation is a simple cartoon style explainer video with a professional voice over.

The video is short as they do most of the explaining about how the product works in the text on the website.

That is really good to see, as people and scroll down to the parts of the system and training that they are most interested with. It certainly saves people having to sit through a 40 minute long format sales video like with Auto Chat Profits and Ecom Cash Crusher.

How Does Traffic Multiplier Work?

In this Traffic Multiplier review let us talk exactly how this system works to help people take their online marketing campaigns to the next level.

Traffic Multiplier is combination of a sales funnel, list building system, and traffic generation training course.

The list building part of the system is probably what makes it stand out the most compared to other launches in this space.

That is because you are building your list in 2 ways: first of all with the standard autoresponder method of adding leads to your AWeber or Getrepsonse account, and 2nd by using their browser “Push Notification” software.

These push notification messages are popping up more and more often on websites nowadays. It provides website owners and product vendors another avenue from which to follow-up with their subscribers.

By increasing the format of communication to your leads, you are more likely to reach more of your audience and get more of them back to the sales page to make a purchase if they did not do so at the first attempt.

And then you get the done-for-you sales funnels where you can promote affiliate products with their cloud hosted system in addition to building your email list and audience in at least 2 different ways.

Importance Of Traffic Training

Traffic Multiplier has traffic training as part of the members area.

This is good to see as they show you how to get free traffic and provide tools to help. So you are not just left alone to figure out how to effectively promote your new sales funnel and list building system.

Focusing on online traffic generation is actually what worked for me to take me from struggling online for a few years to earning a full-time income as an internet marketer.

And that transition from 0 to full-time income happened fairly quickly due to the power of focus, consistency and traffic.

Most people fail online because they don’t get enough eyeballs on their offers on a daily basis.

traffic multiplier list building

With Traffic Multiplier you get a sales funnel to promote and build an email list with, and then it is just a matter of staying consistent with the free traffic generation strategies to get the sales.

I like the way you can simplify things and just focus on learning the traffic methods and not other complicated technical setup methods.

The technical setup is already done for you and it is even hosted by the vendor using their own cloud hosting. So no fancy software needs to be downloaded at your end.

Traffic Multiplier Review Summary

In this review I will finish by taking a quick look at the additional bonuses you get from the vendor.

The Traffic Multiplier bonuses include Private Facebook Group Support, Quick Start Traffic Checklist, and a Bonus Webinar from “Mister X”. There are often sales pitches as at the end of these bonus webinars but you should still learn some useful strategies even if you do not take them up on it.

All in all, it looks to be a good package that they have put together. I like the way they have combined affiliate marketing sales funnels and traffic generation training.

I must admit I am not a big fan of those push notifications that appear on marketing websites, but it is not something I have properly researched so perhaps this strategy is something worth getting involved in.

And the fact that they are using Clickbank as the retailer is a good sign as you are protected by their product guarantee, customer support, and secure/private checkout cart.

Anyhow, thanks for reading my Traffic Multiplier review.

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