Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review – Still Works?

Hey, my Traffic Xtractor Ultimate review will see if this YouTube video marketing system still works in 2019.

My review of Traffic Xtractor Ultimate (2019) will look more closely about what exactly this video marketing strategy is, as well provide useful online tips.

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Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review

My Traffic Xtractor Ultimate review can reveal that this is a revamped version of the same product that has previously been on sale on the JVZoo platform as Traffic Xtractor 2.0, but is now available on Clickbank.

That is a recent trend that I have noticed in the internet marketing industry, where many of the vendors are moving their products from JVZoo to Clickbank.

Some are completely moving their entire product range to Clickbank, whilst others still use JVZoo and just use Clickbank as a 2nd option to get more exposure to affiliates and a different type of customer.

This may well be because JVZoo uses Paypal and that is becoming a less reliable payment processor for products specific to the “internet marketing” and “make money online” niche.

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Video Marketing System

OK, back to the Traffic Xtractor review. It is a video marketing system that teaches you how to rank videos in the YouTube search engine.

The technique evolves around targeting low competition, long tail keywords which are easier to rank for.

And that is what the Traffic Xtractor system is about. It is software that does keyword research for your niche and finds the best options for low competition keywords to target that still have a good amount of search volume.

The aim is then to use the keywords that they give you and create very simple and short videos to upload to YouTube.

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate – Video Creation

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate shows you how to create simple videos to upload using the keywords they generate for you.

The good news is that they are encouraging you to create super simple videos that are only 1 minute or so in length.

That means it is very quick to do your videos so you can get more of them uploaded, target a wider range of keywords, and drive more traffic to your affiliate offers and websites.

As part of this product you will get training on how to create these videos and there are several options available to you.

You can either film a quick video of you talking for 1 minute to your webcam. This is a good idea because it adds trust and credibility when you show your face.

For those that are camera shy you can do a screen capture video where you record your computer screen on a particular website or doing a slideshow presentation, and then you provide voice over audio to that footage.

Alternatively, you can use video creation software to create a simple animation or slideshow with text and background music. That way you don’t need to feature your own face or voice on the video if you are uncomfortable about that.

Types Of Keyword To Target With Traffic Xtractor

As part of this Traffic Xtractor Ultimate review it is worth talking about the types of keyword you can target with the software and what types of products and services to promote with it.

A very popular way of using this system is to find local keywords. These are keywords that include a geographical country, state, city or town name in them.

Local keywords like that are very targeted and low competition, thus easier to rank for.

So you could do these type of videos for a local business that pays you to promote them online. Or you could generate leads for a type of business and then offer to sell them to local providers.

Another approach is to do affiliate marketing. In that case it is a good idea to drive your traffic into a proven affiliate marketing sales funnel.

So the video keyword would target specific phrases in your niche and can offer a few simple tips or bits of information within the content.

And then at the end of the video you provide a call to action where you invite your viewer to click your link in the video description to go to your website based upon what the visitor is searching for.

And then the link you put in your YouTube video description will redirect them to an affiliate marketing sales funnel where you earn commissions when products are purchased.

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review Summary

In summary, Traffic Xtractor Ultimate looks like a really helpful tool to use with your video marketing.

Its main function is for research purposes to find low competition keywords to target in the search engines. And then they also provide training on how to create simple videos to use for this purpose.

It is all about getting more traffic to your website and getting more leads and sales via the power of video.

Thank you for taking a read of my Traffic Xtractor Ultimate review.

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