Tube Traffic Machine Review – Bonus WordPress Plugin

Tube Traffic Machine is a YouTube wordpress plugin – legitimate bonus? Let’s dive into my Tube Traffic Machine review!

tube traffic machine

Inside my review of Tube Traffic Machine we will see how this wordpress plugin works and ideas for making money with it.

We will also go through the Tube Traffic Machine bonus package that has been put together.

Lot’s of hype and buzz surrounding this new launch. So hopefully my thoughts (taken from 7 years working from home doing internet marketing) will be of help to you.

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Tube Traffic Machine Review

Tube Traffic Machine software is a WordPress plugin that lets you build your own YouTube and Buzzfeed style websites.

You are extracting content from YouTube and embedding the videos onto your new viral site using the plugin.

But this is more than just embedding videos into a standard WordPress blog post.

It gives your entire site theme the look of a viral video site and not your basic WordPress affiliate blog.

The description from the video content is also imported so you have ready “done for you” content to build out your website and start targeting various keywords in the search engines and via viral social media sharing.

In this review we will look at different ways to monetize such sites and the best ways to take advantage of this plugin.

Tube Traffic Machine – Content Plagiarism?

As part of this Tube Traffic Machine review it is important to highlight that this is not plagiarising content, but is a legitimate content curation method.

You are searching for videos with the appropriate license rights on YouTube that give you the permission to embed it onto you own website together with the full description from the content creator which will include credit and backlinks back to the original content and their own websites.

If a content creator did not want people to be able to re-use their content or embed it onto other websites then there are settings they can change within their own YouTube account to achieve that.

However, one thing I am not keen of when I see other similar WordPress plugins is when the affiliate marketer removes the links from the content creator’s description text and replaces it with their own ones.

I think it is more ethical to put the entire text description including links unedited in your content to make sure the creator gets credit for that.

And then you can monetize the areas of the blog surrounding that content rather that switching out the links.

Monetizing Content with Tube Traffic Machine WordPress Plugin

Tube Traffic Machine plugin helps you monetize your website in a variety of different ways. Let us look at some of them right now.

Banner Ads in Sidebar – With the visitors you get from your extracted YouTube video content you can displa them banner ads in the WordPress sidebar widget. These ads can then link to your lead capture page or an affiliate offer of your choice.

Google AdSense – Instead of your own banner ads, you can use your Google AdWords account to display AdSense ads that will make you money every time they are clicked. These ads can be in text or graphical format.

Pop Over Ads – You can use the Tube Traffic Machine WordPress plugin to display ads that pop over the screen when the visitor arrives on one of your blog posts. The visitor can either chose the click the link on your ad or click the little cross icon to close it down.

Links Within The Content – You can also provide text based links and buttons around the video description content. You simply provide a call to action to click through to the offer or page you are promoting. To be ethical, I think you should leave the initial video description unedited to make sure the content creator is given proper credit for their work and gets their backlinks. And then you can provide your own additional call to action at the end of all of that extracted content.

Tube Traffic Machine Bonus

Tube Traffic Machine bonuses have been put together by the product vendor that all customers get with their purchase.

There are likely to be additional Tube Traffic Machine bonus packages available depending on which affiliate marketer is promoting it and the offer they are making to their own subscribers.

But here is the package all customers get by default:

Private Facebook Support Group ($197 Value) – A Facebook Group of other users, top marketers, and support staff to help you make the best use of the software as well as advice for your all round internet marketing career in general.

Live Master Training with Super Affiliate X ($997 Value) – This appears to be a bonus webinar with training from a top affiliate marketer. These additional training sessions do tend to make high ticket sales pitches as part of them so don’t be surprised if they try to sell you something as part of it. But the value you get from the free training should be good regardless of if you take them up on the offer.

Quick Start Checklist ($147 Value) – Their key shortcuts to help get you up and running with your campaigns in as little as 24 hours.

Mystery Traffic Bonus ($197 Value) – Discover one of their secret traffic methods for getting a ton of buyer clicks to your offers on a 24/7 basis.

Summary of my Tube Traffic Machine Review

Let us wrap up this review of Tube Traffic Machine.

I like the look of this WordPress plugin. A great way to use this software app in my opinion is to build niche affiliate websites around a particular product.

So you could create a review site around a hot offer or business opportunity and use existing YouTube videos for your content.

You will then have a ton of long tail keywords that you are targeting in the search engines for people searching for more information just before they decide to make a purchase.

They have put together a nice looking bonus package as well, although I am not convinced that the real world value of everything added together is as much as the $4,000+ that they claim!

Hope my thoughts were of help in this blog post about Tube Traffic Machine.

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