Udimi Alternative For Solo Ads (Try This Instead)

Udimi solo ads subscribers can be hard to convert into sales. But there is an alternative to try instead.

The best Udimi alternative for solo ads is focusing on buying high quality email traffic that is not from someone who is solely a “solo ads vendor”.

1. Avoid Solo Ads Vendors

Most vendors of solo ads make their entire income buy selling clicks and not by promoting offers themselves as an affiliate marketer.

The same leads end up just getting recycled between hundreds of different internet marketers who are all using Udimi to buy traffic.

These leads are bombarded with hundreds of emails each day and are there not very responsive and you are going to need to build a very big email list before you can get a respectable amount of clicks from there.

So instead of a Udimi solo ads vendor, approach an individual internet marketer or blog in your niche and email them to see if you can buy a solo ad from them to get clicks to your squeeze page.

The best solo ads buyer traffic is likely to be from people who are not advertising the fact that they sell solo ads.

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2. Look For Buyer Udimi Solo Ads

If you have been struggling to get results on this platform, you may well still make things work without looking for completely different Udimi alternatives for solo ads.

But you will need to be more selective about who you buy solo ads from on Udimi.

Look for sellers who have the same customers coming back time and time again to order large numbers of clicks.

Don’t rely on the “sales percentage” figures as I have found they are often very high even for some sellers where sales conversion rates are very low after my testing.

But customers who often appear in the Udimi “Movers and Shakers” leaderboards tend to buy from the same 2 or 3 vendors over and over again.

These sellers tend to be more expensive (65 to 85 cent a click range compared to the usual 40cent solo ads), probably because their traffic converts into sales more often.

3. Get On Their Email List

It is a good idea to subscribe to as money squeeze pages as possible so you can start receiving emails from other marketers, and eventually you will end up subscribing to the lists of solo ads sellers.

(Use a different gmail address for this, one you only use for this purpose so your main personal or business email doesn’t get bombarded with offers.)

You can tell when someone is selling solo ads, because you will often see a “udimi” or “t4me” (Traffic For Me) tracking link after you click.

The best solo ads on Udimi will come from the marketers who mainly send emails to affiliate sales pages that they are promoting, and every now and then send out a solo ad.

The ones to avoid are the marketers who never promote affiliate offers themselves and just constantly rotate though sending you to other peoples squeeze pages over and over again.

Especially be wary of sellers that send you through an endless loop of opt-in forms that never send you to an actual sales page. These people are likely building their list with ad swaps and click banking and therefore will have lots of freebie seekers on their list who are also on hundreds of other lists all at the same time.

4. Solo Ads Agency instead of Solo Ads Provider

Instead of using solo ads providers, use solo ads agencies such as TrafficForMe. They do initial testing of the solo ads providers before accepting to work with them. Some of them may well sell on Udimi.com as well, but it will be the top ones that have passed the vetting process at Traffic For Me.

Another clicks broker is MLMLeads.com, whom use biz opp traffic from CPA marketers sending people to opt-in forms and also banner ads on offer walls for biz opp websites. This is different traffic to most solo ads vendors, so not the same leads shared around over again.

5. Get Free Traffic

In my experience with internet marketing over the years, free traffic converts much better than paid traffic.

It just takes longer and more effort to get the traffic.

Start your own blog and post regular videos on YouTube. Provide a strong call to action to click through to your lead capture page in each.

Blog traffic takes a while to build up with a new website, but YouTube videos can get instant rankings and traffic.

I hope my thoughts on this page will help you in your research as you look for alternatives to solo ads on Udimi.

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