Wealth Project Review – Real $17,500 or a Scam?

This Wealth Project review will see if you can make money with Wealth Project or if it appears that there is a WealthProject.net scam.

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Wealth Project Review

This review of Wealth Project will see if this 21 clicks in 30 minute software app download can make money online or if it is just a Wealth Project Scam.

It is hard to tell if it is a scam or not because they do not actually give much information on what you get.

It does appear to be an affiliate marketing turnkey website, however, where you try to generate traffic online and promote affiliate products with Amazon, Clickbank etc.

This is not a scam method and many people do this in their online business. But those hyped up income claims are going to be out of reach for most people who get involved in this.

Wealth Project System Review

As part of this Wealth Project review it is worth giving some internet marketing tips to help you make the most out of websites like this.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities – Not a specific business opportunity this one. But affiliate marketing works and if you learn how to drive traffic online and send this traffic to high converting affiliate offers then you can do very well. It is a good idea to mix in affiliate marketing offers into the follow-up of your primary home based business opportunity online to monetize leads that might not be interested.

Internet Marketing Training and Tools – Many people think they can make money online with an internet business without actually understanding how to market on the internet in order to drive traffic and make sales and the same is the case with The Wealth Project. Just by investing in an online business opportunity in 2018/2019 will not make money itself. You need to send traffic to the offer and get your own leads. And to be able to do that, it is important to get hold of the best internet marketing training and tools. Hopefully your online business will provide these for you.

Wealth Project Scam or Legit? – Look for an opportunity that gives you your own turnkey online business website. This saves you from the complexities of buying your own domain, setting up the installation of WordPress and the plug-ins etc. The company programmers are likely to do a better job of making the turnkey business blog better optimized for SEO as well. With an internet business you should just be focusing on generating traffic and leads and not the technical stuff like website creation etc.

Advertising Sources – With popular home based business you have many people all promoting the same thing. Some people use that as an excuse and say the competition is too fierce and they quit. But successful people will find the best advertising sources to use to promote their Wealth Project system website. For example, many people just buy solo ads because it is a quick and newbie friendly way to get traffic. But the solo ads audience is miniscule compared to the rest of the world. It is very unlikely that your business opportunity will get saturated (there are network marketing companies like Amway with members in the MILLIONS who are still going strong) but a small solo ads list may well be saturated. Advertise to the ocean, not just to a small fish pond.

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