Website ATM Review – $500 Per Day Scam?

Hey, as part of my review of Website ATM we will see if this really makes $500/day or is just a hyped-up Website ATM Scam?

website atm

Website ATM Review – CPA Offer

Website ATM is a CPA offer on popular affiliate networks. This is where marketers earn a one time CPA commission of around $80 if you buy a $47 product (for example) via them.

This review of Website ATM will see if the actual customers are likely to make money as well or just those affiliates promoting it for their CPA Commissions that do well with this system?

I have been doing internet marketing from home for around 7 years now (is good fun!) so I have seen similar programs come and go.

So I hope my quick thoughts on this new money making system will be some sort of help!

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Website ATM Review – Scam or Legit?

In my Website ATM Review I will start by pointing out that there is nothing wrong with CPA marketing.

It is a good way to get some nice upfront commissions arriving from your traffic.

The networks will pay you more than the front end cost of the offer.

That is because the product vendors know their lifetime customer value and know they will make more money in the long run based on the backend higher ticket products they will sell the same customer.

Therefore it is still worth their time to pay someone $80 for selling a product that costs just $47.

However, a lot of these CPA offers are very hypey and may not give great value to the user.

The best ones are where they act as a front end offer to a real business opportunity where you see the actual CEO of the company and testimonials from real users of that system in the sales page.

The ones to avoid are when they use fake testimonials from paid actors and are not transparent at who the entrepreneur running the system is.

Website ATM may not be a scam, but it is hard to tell exactly how the system works or see who is behind it.

How Does Website ATM Actually Work?

Website ATM is a system that provides you with training and a “done for you” website to try and make money with as an online business entrepreneur.

The aim is to learn internet marketing strategies in order to get traffic to your Website ATM site and then to divert traffic from your website onto the sales page of an offer that will pay you a commission.

This will usually be an affiliate program, but often these systems teach you how to do drop-shipping of physical items as well or promoting Amazon products.

Based on the sales video presentation for this system, you would think that your website is already making money as soon as you join and that you will be getting visitors and sales right away.

But that is simply not the case!

In order to get results in this industry you need to actually do some work and market your site effectively to get traffic.

It won’t be magically getting visitors and making sales just by you paying the entrance fee.

There is a learning curve involved with learning internet marketing and it could take a good few weeks and months of consistent marketing before you are at the stage of getting daily clicks to your links.

Website ATM Testimonials?

Are the Website ATM testimonials real reviews from real customers?

It can be hard to tell, but it looks like they are paid actors reading from a script.

Now, this could be them reading from actual testimonial emails that customers have sent in and they are using actors to protect their privacy.

But I am not keen on those type of reviews where they are very unnatural and also often making very outlandish income claims.

The typical beginner to this industry is not suddenly going to rake in tons of cash with these type of systems, yet the way it is presented it makes them think they will.

As I said before, I prefer systems where the reviews come from people actually using the system.

You can tell when they are real because they are less professional, more improvised, and the setting is more natural such as in their home on an iPhone rather than high definition studio style footage.

Website ATM Review Summary – Yes or No?

In summary of this Website ATM review, there are quite a few red flags raised. It looks like a typical hyped-up CPA offer where you are presented with a “done for you” website and it sounds like it will already be making money for you.

But in reality, you will have to put in quite a bit of work and learn how to advertise effectively to start getting traffic to your website in the first place before thinking about making sales.

That does not mean that Website ATM is a scam, as if they give you an education on how the business works along with some useful marketing strategies to implement then you may feel you have got value for money.

But with these cookie cutter template websites it is important to customize them to differentiate yourself from others using the same system. You also don’t want duplicate content for search engine ranking purposes.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by this blog post about Website ATM.

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