Website Profits Pro Review – $500 Per Day Scam?

Hey, here is my Website Profits Pro review!

website profits pro

Does the site really make $500 per day by clicking 1 button or is it a Website Profits Pro Scam? Let’s take a look.

As part of my review of Website Profits Pro we will take a look at what you are likely to get with this system, whether it is legit or a scam, and some of the sales tricks they use to try and get you to part with your cash.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer (is really cool!) so these opinions are coming from my own personal experience in this industry over the last 8 years or so.

I have seen a lot of these type of programs come and go!

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Website Profits Pro Review – Legit or Scam?

Website Profits Pro is an affiliate product launch in the “business opportunity” and “make money online” niche.

As part of this Website Profits Pro review one of the first things that jumped out at me was just how similar this sales page was to other similar others such as Profit Point Autonomy, Website ATM and also Cash Point ATM.

These are offers that are heavily featured on CPA (cost per action) affiliate networks.

So affiliate marketers who have big email lists will be blasting out promotions for this offer.

It costs around $47 yet pays out around $65 to $80 commissions per sale that is generated by the promoter.

That is why so many people are promoting it to try and get you to buy via their link!

Affiliate marketing is a really cool business model (it is what I do!) but I don’t think that Website Profits Pro is the best introduction into the home based business world for the typical newbie.

That is because it takes time to educate yourself on the marketing strategies first. And then you need to take consistent action on lots of methods to see what works and does not work for you.

There is a lot of trial/error and initial failure/mistakes that is required before you work your way up to the stage of generating consistent results.

It is not something where you can just click 1 button and get $500/day paid into your account like Website Profits Pro seems to make it sound like you can do!

Website Profits Pro – Does It Actually Make Money?

Website Profits Pro says you can get $500/day by clicking 1-button.

But that is simply hype and is not going to be the case!

Sure, some top online entrepreneurs will be making that much with their own websites and sales funnels.

But those people will have taken years to build up to that level.

There is a process that needs to be gone through to see success:

  1. Taking the time to go through education on internet marketing strategies
  2. Take action on these techniques (search engine optimziation, social media, email marketing, videos, blogging etc.)
  3. Focus in on what works and what does not with trial and error
  4. Wait for free search engine to traffic to build up over time
  5. Stay consistent with a few marketing strategies that work best for you, keep building up the daily traffic you get to your website and continue to test, track, learn and improve.

Getting $500/day with a “done for you” website is not something that a beginner is going to be able to achieve right away.

It certainly sounds too good to be true.

What you are likely to get with this is a turnkey website that can be used to promote products online as an affiliate marketer.

This is where you send your visitors onto a sales page of a product and if someone makes a purchase then you get a cut of the sale.

Affiliate marketing commissions for physical products are usually around 5% and 50% to 75% for digital products.

But in order to make those sales you are going to need to get daily traffic (visitors) to your website and get lots of clicks to your affiliate links.

This is not something that happens right away and takes time to build up.

The Website Profits Pro system may well give you a high quality website template to use that looks professional.

But it is the marketing of that site to generate traffic that will make the sales, and for a product costing $47 they are not going to be getting the traffic/sales on your behalf for that low amount.

Customer Testimonials For Website Profits Pro – Are They Real?

Website Profits Pro testimonials do not look real to me.

It looks as though actors are reading from a script.

In the home business world, when a company provides real testimonials then they are usually informally shot with a smartphone and have some believable initial results to report.

But the Website Profits Pro reviews talk about making thousands of dollars without doing any work, and the words are delivered in a scripted, unnatural manner.

The income claims are also very outlandish.

A newbie is not going to make $500 Per Day on the internet by just clicking a few buttons.

It will take years of experience, education and hard work to get anywhere near that level of success.

Perhaps some members will do well with their turnkey websites, but I very much doubt the typical user is going to be able to replicate that.

Website Profits Pro System Sales Tricks

Thee is quite a few hard-selling tricks used on the sales page for Website Profits Pro on the domain.

These tactics include:

  • Fake Scarcity
  • Outlandish Income Claims
  • Actor Testimonials
  • Checkout Countdown Timer

The reason for this is that they want visitors to make a purchase right away at the very first time of visiting their website.

That will then please the affiliate marketers promoting it because they will get high earnings per click statistics, and thus make them want to send more and more customers to the system and collect their $65+ CPA commissions.

One of the first sales strategies is to use a scarcity countdown box that says only “8 spaces remain in your area”.

But this is not an interview for a job!

Running an affiliate marketing website has nothing to do with where you are geographically located so it does not make sense to restrict access to a certain amount of users per area.

This is most likely fake scarcity to try and pressure people into buying quickly.

And then on the checkout cart page there is another countdown timer!

This counts down from 5 minutes and they say you will not be able to buy if you do not fill out your details and complete the purchase in time.

However, these vendors want to make as many sales as possible. They want your money! As a result this seems to be more fake scarcity to try and get more sales coming through.

The problem with these methods is that if people are pressurized to make the purchase and then realize that the system is not as quick and easy as the sales page said it would be, then they may well want to request a Website Profits Pro refund.

Website Profits Pro Review – A Final Look

OK, let’s finish off this Website Profits Pro review with an overview look at the system.

With Website Profits Pro you get a turnkey website to use to promote products online in return for commissions.

The business model is: affiliate marketing.

Whilst I think this business model in general is an excellent way to to started in the online business world, I don’t think that this specific system is going to be the best starting point.

The main reason for this is because of the hype and unrealistic expectations that that sales page gives customers.

In order to get a website up and running an already making money, you would need to spend thousands of dollars to get something like that.

And if you were to hire someone to promote your website for you then again that would be a high ticket service costing a lot of money.

I do not think that spending thousands up front is a good way to learn about internet marketing, because you are instantly under pressure to try and recoup your investment as soon as possible.

But to do well in this industry you need realistic expectation, patience, and the willingness to take consistent action over the coming weeks/months before expecting to see any significant results coming in.

Systems like this that say you can make money by clicking 1-button are going to result in high refund rates because of the disconnect between this messaging and the reality of what it takes to succeed with your own online business.

As with any program like this, I think the people who will make the most money are going to be the affiliates promoting it for their commissions and not the customers actually using these sites.

Anyhow, I hope you got some useful information from my ramblings about Website Profits Pro!

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