Why Network Marketing Is The Best Online Business Opportunity In 2019

These are the reasons why network marketing makes for the best online business opportunity in 2019.

Make sure you also take action on the following internet network marketing advertising strategies.

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High Ticket Clickbank Affiliate Products – I believe Clickbank has some sort of maximum product price, but you can still get high ticket affiliate commissions with Clickbank when you promote monthly recurring products in the form of membership sites and SEO services. If you search the marketplace by average earnings per sale, you often get them near the $1,000 when the recurring commissions are added together.

Large Scale Media Buys – There are advertising networks that will get you really cheap clicks. Literally for a penny. This is so much cheaper than paying $0.30 to $0.60 per click for a solo ad or PPC campaign. These ad networks will place your banner ad on their network or niche relevant blogs and websites and you can pay for a large stream of traffic coming to your website. There are also networks that do similar things with CPV (cost per view) traffic for the same ultra low price. There is a learning curve with this but might well be a skill worth mastering.

Guest Blog – It is a good idea to team up with other blogs and offer them content. If you can write interest posts that are relevant to their visitors then they will be happy for you to do so and give you an author resource box in exchange. This will get more traffic for the blog owner so they are always on the look out for new content. This is often overlooked by many people because it can take time to build relationships with other blog owners, but I would just get things started by doing a Google search for your keywords and start approaching blogs in your niche.

Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing – Now that you are publishing regular keyword targeted content to your blog it is important to send the traffic to an offer that will pay you lots of money. I like to make money blogging in 2013 with affiliate marketing by sending traffic to a squeeze page to build my email list and then to promote high paying affiliate programs to that email list.

High Ticket Products – Make sure there are high ticket products as part of the sales funnel that you are promoting. And make sure there is a sales funnel in the first place! It is very hard to make a living by selling thousands of $37 ebooks, but you can do very well with just a few high ticket affiliate product sales.

Local Long Tail Keywords – It is much easier to get traffic for long tail keywords than trying to rank for major high traffic terms. Also, if you combine these long tail phrases with local geographical terms you have the best of both worlds. Simply by sticking the phrase “UK” to the end of the keyowrds you target is a good way to get easier local traffic from Google.

Keyword Targeting -Online attraction marketing is all about having interested prospects come to you and not the other way around. So you need to do keyword research and choose keywords to associate with each of your videos, articles and blog posts. YouTube videos are easier to rank than text based web pages, and I find that backlinks and likes, comments, and views from others really does help. But remember, it is not essential to be ranked on Page #1. Joining a business is a big decision and people will do thorough research that goes way beyond just looking at what page #1 on Google has to offer.

Competition – If lots of other people are consistently promoting the same business opportunities in the same ezine publications, website banners, PPC campaigns, solo ads listings etc. then that is a good sign that it works. Many people get put off by this and think it means the business oppportunity is saturated. But I see it as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the free exposure all these other marketers are creating for you.

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