WP Quick Promote Review – Unblockable Software?

WP Quick Promote is software to promote affiliate links on Facebook. Does it work and is WP Quick Promote legit?

My review of WP Quick Promote will talk about the features you get with this Facebook software download, as well as inject some of my affiliate marketing thoughts.

I work full-time from home doing affiliate marketing so my WP Quick Promote opinions should hopefully be of help.

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WP Quick Promote

As part of this WP Quick Promote review it is worth stating that this looks really cool!

Many online marketers like to promote products by using Facebook, but the problem is that Facebook has algorithms to detect affiliate links and can block them.

So that means that instead of being able to direct link to an affiliate sales page, people are having to create their own bridge pages/presell pages.

These type of pages act as a middle website that the visitor lands on before clicking through to the affiliate sales page.

The advantage of these presell pages are that they help “warm up” cold traffic to let them know the pros of the product before sending them to the sales page.

This can increase sales conversions and earnings per click rates.

The disadvantage is that you will get less people clicking through to your link by adding in that extra step.

So for those of you that don’t want to create your own presell pages, this Facebook software plugin on JVZoo and Warrior Plus will let you do so very quickly and easily.

WP Quick Promote Software – Advantages and Disadvantages

WP Quick Promote software advantages are that you can quickly create your own affiliate landing pages to link to from your Facebook advertising.

This means no more blocked links since you are no longer direct linking.

The landing pages are quick to create and require minimal technical skill.

You can also promote products on any affiliate network, not just JVZoo or WarriorPlus.

A possible disadvantage is that it looks like you need a video to put on the landing page so that could mean a bit of extra time is needed to either create one yourself or download one from the affiliate tools section of the offer you are promoting.

Also, you do need to have your own WordPress website.

So for complete newbies who do not even have their own website and hosting setup yet then this software plugin is a step beyond where they are at in their education for the industry right now.

And experienced marketers will probably find it easy to create simple presell pages like this themselves without needing to download a software plugin first.

WP Quick Promote Bonuses

There are a number of free WP Quick Promote bonus additions to this product which is cool to see.

It does appear to be more than just a software plugin download.

You also get step-by-step affiliate marketing training for how to get more traffic to your links.

This training includes interviews with top online entrepreneurs so you can learn what they are doing right now to generate success.

Plus, there is a bonus Facebook Community that customers are invited to join.

You also get some free bonus products that you can give away to other people in order to persuade them to buy via your affiliate link.

Summary of WP Quick Promote Review

To sum up this review of WP Quick Promote would be that this is a good product for an affiliate marketer who is not quite a complete newbie but is also not that technical in terms of creating pages with WordPress.

People experienced at creating their own landing pages may find this plugin unnecessary, whilst complete beginners won’t even have their own WordPress website to use it with yet.

So for those that want to create their own bridge pages fast and easy with minimal technical skills, then this is likely to make a good fit for them.

Hopefully you enjoyed going through my thoughts on WP Quick Promote!

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