Your Income Profits Review – Middleman Arbitrage Scam?

My review of Your Income Profits sees if “traffic middleman arbitrage” is legit or just a Your Income Profits scam?

your income profits

As part of these thoughts in my Your Income Profits review we will look at what the strategy is that is used to supposedly make all this money.

I will also look at the tricks and sales tactics used on the sales page to try and get you to make a purchase.

Is it worth buying or just a scam to stay well away from?

Let us have a look!

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Your Income Profits Review

Your Income Profits system is sold via Clickbank in their E-Business & Marketing Section which focuses on “make money online” type of products.

It only costs $9 one-time, but because it is so cheap they are likely to hold back some of the real “secrets” to making their system work for higher priced upgrade products that they will try and sell you later on.

Being able to make $1,000/day for just an investment of $9 sounds too good to be true to me!

I am actually quite surprised that this type of offer is on Clickbank, because a lot of these hypey “make money” products are now sold on the Clickbetter platform instead as I don’t think Clickbank is keen on the potentially high refund rates and wants to focus in on higher quality offerings instead.

In any case we will see if this program is likely to work or not as part of my review.

Your Income Profits – Traffic Middleman Arbitrage

Let us talk about Traffic Middleman Arbitrage in my Your Income Profits review.

It is basically a fancy way of describing the business model known as: affiliate marketing.

This is where you setup simple websites and do online advertising to send visitors to your site and then get them to click on your affiliate links.

When a visitors goes onto buy a product from a vendor after clicking one of your affiliate links then you get a commission for the sale.

Your Income Profits has basically used the Traffic Middleman Arbitrage term to describe this business model in order to try and make their product look all new and modern.

Where in reality it is simple affiliate marketing strategies that are used.

It is actually good to see the sales page talk about the simple 3 step process that is used in affiliate marketing.

Lots of other sales videos are much more vague and do not give any information at all about the type of business model being used.

Your Income Profits – Sales Page Tactics

Your Income Profits uses a number of quite hardselling tricks to try and get you to make the purchase right away.

So let us look at a few of them right now.

First of all, the product is only $9.

There is nothing wrong with that, but many of these very cheap Clickbank and Clickbetter products tend to have quite an aggressive backend upsell sequence where they immediately jump up trying to sell you products of around $197 or so.

So the cheap price is just to get people through the front door and into the higher ticket upsell sequence.

Also, the testimonials of Your Income Profits do not look real at all.

I recognize the same people popping up in lots of other product launch sales pages. That is because they are hired freelance voice over artists who are being used.

What is good, however, is that they are not using fake scarcity where they claim that the offer is only available for another 24 hours or that their are limited spots remaining.

Is Your Income Profits A Scam?

Hard to tell if a Your Income Profits scam is going on.

If someone just buys the initial $9 offer and learns a few useful affiliate marketing strategies that they can apply to generate traffic, leads and sales then they will feel they have got good value from the low price.

However, the customers that buy several $197 upsells in the hopes that they will quickly rake in thousands of dollars are likely to be disappointed.

Affiliate marketing is most certainly a legitimate business model and provides the potential for residual income at home in a flexible manner.

But it is not quite as quick and easy as this product sales page lets on.

It takes a bit of time first to learn the various strategies for building websites and advertising them effectively.

And then you need to take action for a consistent period of time in order to find the advertising methods that work best for you. There is a lot of trial and error.

So whilst it is possible to do well in this industry, it is not something that a complete beginner is suddenly going to start making $1,000 per day with just by buying a $9 system on Clickbank or Clickbetter!

Summary Of My Your Income Profits Review

OK, now for a quick summary for my review of Your Income Profits.

It is a new product launch on the Clickbank platform that for just $9 (with likely higher ticket upsells) is supposed to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

They use a fancy term of “traffic middleman arbitrage” to describe this process to try and make their offer sound new and trendy, but infact it looks like basic affiliate marketing training.

The good news is that affiliate marketing is a great business model to learn about as it provides a potentially very flexible way to generate an income by working from home simply by learning to master a few online advertising methods.

The bad news is that it is not as quick and easy to do as the sales page makes it out to be. There is an initial learning curve for a beginner and it can take a few weeks/months before any significant results start to come in.

Also, whilst there may not be a Your Income Profits scam, some people may be disappointed that it is not as easy to do as the sales page tells them it would be. So if they are not making the 1K Per Day mentioned on the headline they may think it is a scam and quit without giving the industry a proper chance.

Thanks again for checking out this review.

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