YouTube Video Marketing Tips 2019

YouTube Video Marketing Tips 2019: make money online with video marketing on YouTube with these strategies.

Video – Video marketing and sales video presentations are an extremely powerful network marketing strategy. When people join a network marketing company they are not doing so just because of the company, but because of the referring marketer. So if you show yourself on video and come across as an honest and trustworthy person then you can achieve recruiting success with only a few leads.

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Call To Action – To make money with YouTube videos you need people to take action. So in the video specifically state that people should click the link below the video. Say this in the video and it also helps to draw a big arrow on the screen that points downwards with text saying “click link below video”. Just make it obvious what you want your viewers to do.

Monthly Commissions – Another good way to maximize the value per sale is to promote products with YouTube that have a recurring billing nature. Whilst the initial sales price may not be that high ticket, you can build up a high lifetime customer price if they are charged each month. Membership sites and monthly services are good products to look out for.

Keyword Focus – Your YouTube video needs to have a clear keyword focus and the keyword needs to be one that will make sales. Put that keyword as the very first word in the heading and write a detailed SEO description for your YouTube video. Most people don’t write a description, but the text is how Google picks up the video. Add your keywords into the tags as well and make it obvious what you are trying to rank for.

Products To Promote – As discussed above, look for products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer that pay out monthly recurring commissions. This might involve services such as web hosting, SEO, and email autoresponder services. Or membership sites such as internet marketing PLR membership sites or online training sites. Figure out how many memberships of these products you need to sell in order to reach your target monthly income. That is the answer to the monthly residual income formula.

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