30 Days Of Geneius – Is Billy Gene’s GiveThisAShot.com Legit?

Let’s take a look at Billy Gene’s 30 Days Of Geneius plan at the GiveThisAShot.com website.

Billy Gene is a well known internet marketer who has put together a 30 day action plan with 30 Days Of Geneius to take you through the entire A to Z process of starting your own digital marketing agency.

Billy Gene’s 30 Day Plan is sold via the GiveThisAShot.com website, you are taught own to run paid ads on Facebook to generate leads for local businesses. You are then shown how to go out there and get business owners to give you their custom and hire you as a lead generation digital marketing agency.

There certainly does not look to be a scam going on here or anything as he seems to have a very good track record in delivering high quality training products in the past. And the Billy Gene customer testimonials look down to earth and legit.

Let us take a closer look at this business model in my review of Billy Gene’s 30 Days Of Geneius Plan.

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