SecondSplash – Is Business Real?

Is the business opportunity the real deal?

Or is there a SecondSplash scam going on?

In this review of SecondSplash we look at how you can use the splash page builder to promote your business opportunties and affiliate programs, as well as how to earn commissions with the MLM style opportunity itself.

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SecondSplash Review – How It Works

SecondSplash it is both a splash page builder and an affiliate program.

A splash page is for use with traffic exchanges, where you’re clicking ads for credits.

In traffic exchanges, you might be getting 10 pages open up in the tabs all at once so you’re quickly looking at each one and then closing them down just to get the credits.

However, sometimes people do click the advertising or opt into an opt-in form if the page looks interesting and gets their attention.

A splash page is a good way to get people off of a traffic exchange when they’re just clicking to get ads.

If they click the splash page, they will open up in a new window where it’ll get them onto your proper website.

You can convert a traffic exchange browser into a genuine interested visitor this way.

To start with they may be viewing ads just to get credits for their own promotions, but if you get an offer that looks interesting to them, such as another way that they can earn traffic and get commissions, they may click a link on a splash page.

Using splash pages with is a bit different to using a bridge page where the main idea is to pre-sell your product to get them warmed-up to the idea of buying it before you convert you direct them over to the affiliate sales page.

A splash page is not really as much as a pre-sale warm-up page. It’s simply to get them off the traffic exchange and in a more focused, concentrated mind on your actual offer .

With traffic exchanges, a lot of people don’t think it’s very good traffic because people are just clicking the ads to get credits.

That may be partly true, and it is why these clicks are ultra cheap, and sometimes a traffic exchange visitor may genuinely like the look of what the ad is promoting and then they click the splash page.

At that point of clicking the splash page they are no longer traffic exchange traffic. They become a  legitimate, high quality internet marketing click. The same sort of click you may get with solo ads.

SecondSplash MLM Compensation Plan

SecondSplash has am MLM / network marketing style compensation plan (like with Profits Passport by David Dekkel that I have reviewed recently) where your first two sales are passed-up to your sponsor and then in turn your downline will pass up their first two sales to you.

There’s an incentivization to help your team members and get duplication going. There’s also an upgrade option where you can actually earn commissions for free.

As a free SecondSplash affiliate you earn 25% commissions if you don’t buy any of these upgrades, however if you do upgrade to a pro level member yourself you get 50% commissions.

You do get additional benefits as part of the product in terms of more advanced advertising and advertising bonuses and more product as part of your upgrade.

But a lot of people will simply be upgrading to get the higher commissions just to bump your commission rate from 25% for a free member to 50% as a paid member.

SecondSplash have got a lifetime upgrade which is a high ticket $450 lifetime subscription.

I’m not back keen on the high ticket lifetime upgrades. I personally prefer to pay small amounts monthly just to see how it works and then if you’re making money with it anyway then it doesn’t really matter if you’re paying more in the long run for your subscription. It’s just coming out of your profit.

But if it doesn’t work that well then you’ve spent hundreds of dollars just for a lifetime membership that you may not be able to recoup.

I like to dip my toe in at the lowest levels and test the traffic to see what the conversion rate is.

If for that $23 per month you’re able to to sell an affiliate product once a month to recoup that money then it’s worth it, and it’s a good way to get traffic with your Splash Pages.

Viral Commissions With SecondSplash

There’s also a viral aspect of this. When your own members promote their own Splash Pages then your Splash pages will in turn show up as part of that.

You don’t just get viral commissions passed up to you, but you can also get viral traffic. is a unique launch in the traffic exchange space and it does look really cool with a unique approach to viral Splash Pages with this whole upgrade-incentivized business opportunity approach.

They’ve also got scarcity to encourage you to buy the upgrade as quickly as possible to get all the bonuses.

This scarcity will help improve sales conversion rates as an affiliate, which is really good.

It looks like it’s real scarcity where the bonus will genuinely be taken away if you don’t buy in time and you might have to upgrade at a higher cost later on.

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