Solo Ads – The Ultimate Resource!

Solo ads traffic is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get traffic to your website and build your email list.

Therefore, solo ads are one of the most common recommended traffic sources for newbie internet marketers who want to promote the business opportunities and affiliate systems that they have just purchase.

But are solo ads all that they are cracked up to be?

Where can you buy solo ads?

What are buyer solo ads and buyers list solo ads?

All will be revealed on this page.

Keep checking back over time, as I will aim to keep this page updated with all the current need to known information about the solo ads and online traffic generation industry.

OK, let’s dive in!

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What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a form of paid email advertising. It is when a marketer with a big email list will send out an ad for your offer.

Typically with solo ads the aim is list building.

So you will give the solo ads vendor the link to your lead capture page (squeeze page) to send clicks to.

You usually don’t need to provide ad copy, because the vendor will use generic wording that is suitable to promote any business opportunity with.

(They rotate the offers for each click, so that is the reason for the generic text…they would probably want to charge more if you wanted to use your own ad copy.)

So now you get instant, guaranteed clicks to your website and subscribers added to your email list via your lead capture page.

After opting-in you will redirect your visitor to the affiliate offer, business opportunity, or online product/service that you are promoting.

You then have the leads added to your email autoresponder service to follow-up with over time to keep getting them back to your sales page to try and close the sale.

Do Solo Ads Work?

Solo ads work well to quickly build your email list, but it can be hard to convert this traffic into sales.

That is because it is cold traffic. They do not know who you are or trust you yet. So the sales conversion rate the very first time they opt-in and see your offer is likely to be very low.

The clicks you get from solo ads vendors are from people who have already subscribed to lots of different email lists.

As a result they get bombarded daily with tons of these emails and are therefore not as responsive leads as if you were to have generated them yourself via your own blog, YouTube channel or social media account.

In my experience the conversion rate is also MUCH higher with free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic via blogging and YouTube than it is with solo ads clicks.

But since solo ads clicks are so easy to get then there is room to quickly scale your list and business if you can make them work for you.

Solo Ads Tips

The people who seem to be getting the best results with solo ads are doing the following things:

  • Promoting a squeeze page with a simple heading and email-only opt-in form
  • Promoting hard-selling & hypey generic “make money online” affiliate offers
  • Often use a presell page (bridge page) in between the opt-in page and affiliate sales page
  • Are very aggressive with emailing their leads on a daily basis (I have seen some people email their leads 10 to 20 times per day!)

But not everyone is going to want to promote hypey biz opp offers to solo ads subscribers, nor want to bombard their leads with 20 emails per day!

So people not wanting to go down that very aggressive marketing route are likely to do better by making themselves stand out more.

Instead of trying to compete with other solo ads buyers with the quantity of emails you send, you can work being more trustworthy and personal in your communications to make your name & brand stand out in the email inbox.

Where To Buy Solo Ads

Here is a big list of places where you can buy solo ads.

I will aim to update this resource over time, so be sure to check back every now and then!

Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi is the most common marketplace that newbies are told to go to to buy solo ads from, by the training they receive in the back office of the business opportunity or system they may have just purchased.

See my recent post about Udimi here: Udimi Alternative For Solo Ads (Try This Instead)

Here are some of the main Udimi solo ads sellers if you want to buy solo ads on Udimi:

Kevin Hansen
Philip Coble
Greg Prouse
Igor Varoscic
Gary E Riding
Faizal James
Wilfred Bakker
Mike Dirnt
Jason Thompson
Thimios Syrigos
Sarah Chew
Dominykas Gobe
Mantas Pocius
Glenn Fedoruk
Lia Malassa
Sarah Crunk
Daniel Huppertz
Fabian Tan
Karim Chourabi
Demian Voorhagen
Phil Springer
Socrates Socratous
Thomas Freeman
Miriam Feldman
Indulis Staskiewicz
Khaled Ibrahim
Brandon Sean
Jorge Delgado
Angelo Sayson

Traffic For Me Solo Ads

Traffic For Me is solo ads broker. They don’t sell clicks from their own lists, but buy the traffic from their list of trusted vendors and generate a profit by marking up the price slightly.

The benefit of going via Traffic For Me is that they have their own vetting process. So instead of having to test lots of different vendors yourself, Traffic 4 Me has already done this. Then they only offer the best vendors as traffic sources to their customers. is not a solo ads vendor as such, but I have list them here because the traffic is similar to email traffic and it is the same type of audience of subscribers: people looking to make money at home with business opportunities.

Instead of email clicks, they generate traffic from banner ads.

These are generic business opportunity banner ads and then they rotate the clicks to the squeeze pages of MLM Leads customers.

I am not sure the specific websites these banner ads are placed on, but I have seen offer walls full of mini biz opp banner ads that are rotated by the service.

These offer walls often get traffic not from the search engines, but from CPA email marketers who are sending traffic to a CPL squeeze page. Then after opting in, the vendor redirects them to a monetized offer wall.

Facebook Solo Ads and Private Solo Ads Vendors

Some people choose to sell their solo ads privately via their own websites and Facebook groups, so here is a section for these solo ads vendors.

You often get better prices going direct to a solo ad vendor privately like this, because their is not a 3rd party marketplace that needs to get their cut.

However, the click filtering and vetting processes that these platforms have in place will not be available when going direct so there is a bit more risk and testing needed on your end.

Solo Ads Testimonials Facebook Group
Wayne Crowe
Jaszdeep Singh Solo Ads
Deepack Kulkarni
Phillip P. Brewer
Paul Graham
James Jordan Solo Ads
Paul Elphick
Jeremy Turrey
Tim Ph
Michael Kyle

How To Make Solo Ads Work

Getting results with solo ads is not as easy as most training programs make it out.

It is very quick and easy to get the traffic, but converting the leads into sales is a whole other ball game!

In fact, even solo ads vendors themselves may have a hard time getting sales conversions with their own traffic by promoting their own affiliate offers and business opportunities….they can only make money by selling the clicks to others!

Having said that, there are people who do very well with solo ads.

The main ways to make solo ads work is to have a high converting squeeze page and offer after the re-direct. A bridge page with a presell or review video is likely to help boost conversion rates.

Look for buyer solo ads from a buyers list for better conversions too.

And then you are going to need to be aggressive in your email marketing and send multiple broadcast emails per day to stand out.

Adding a personal touch such as your own photos, videos, and live webinar streams etc. will also help you stand out from the crowd.

Most of your interest and clicks from your list is going to come from about 10% to 20% of your list.

The majority of your subscribers simply won’t care about your emails. So the aim is to monetize the few interested subscribers as much as possible. Adding a more personal touch and also promoting high ticket offers is another good way to recoup your solo ads investment.

Also, subscribe to as many email lists as possible and see what strategies other people are using: what do their landing pages look like and what offers are they promoting?

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