Digital Tentmaking – Unique Business Model Explained

Hey, welcome to my Digital Tentmaking review. This is all about the Digital Storefronts training course.

This is another one of those courses that teaches you local marketing for local businesses and getting them to hire you as a digital marketing agency.

It looks very cool, this unique Digital Tentmaking approach.

I work from home as a full-time affiliate marketer, which is really cool and it’s really an excellent and flexible way to earn an income.

My thoughts on Digital Tentmaking are taken from my 10 years of experience working in this industry.

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Digital Tentmaking Review

Digital Tentmaking is an interesting hook for a business model that is called Digital Storefronts, which is a training course designed to teach you how to generate leads for local businesses and then get those local businesses to hire you as a digital marketing agency.

They can pay you a monthly fee to generate leads for them and you can also work out some pay per lead commissions role as well.

They can either rent a website from you for a fixed fee or they can pay you per lead.

Digital Tentmaking is basically just an interesting advertising hook to get people excited about this business model. It’s basically another way of saying using digital storefronts to generate leads for local businesses.

Digital Storefronts Review – The Sales Funnel

Digital Storefronts is basically a webinar sales funnel.

There is a lead capture page giving a headline, letting you know a bit about the system and then you click to register for the webinar, which is a 30 minute video that dives into more detail on how this business model actually works.

At the end of it, you’re presented with the opportunity to buy the product to get the training yourself.

It’s a high ticket training course that costs around five thousand dollars. It is a high level course for people serious about making money on the internet as a digital marketer by running their own digital marketing agency.

Some of the criticisms about this product is that it’s expensive but that’s because lots of people like to buy cheap, lower price products to learn digital marketing strategies.

Some people just like to learn stuff for free on YouTube and the internet and you can learn lots of stuff about digital marketing for free online.

And some other people aren’t keen on paying these high ticket amounts, but with high ticket courses you get much more in-depth training & one-on-one coaching and help as a whole community surrounding it.

I talk about importance of a community in my Jeff Lerner review and Jeff Lerner net worth posts.

Digital Tentmaking Local Lead Generation

Digital Tentmaking is all also very focused on getting clients and getting your business up and running, so this is designed for more high level successful people who are serious about setting up a digital marketing agency and diving head first into this business model.

Perhaps a lot of these people will already have a successful career and they’ve got some expendable money to spend on the five thousand dollar course.

It’s not for everyone and probably not for the complete newbie who’s struggling and needs to make money quickly.

It is for the more higher level career person who wants to have a new career change as a digital marketer.

It is quite a high price point and some of the negative reviews are complaining about the price rather than the course content itself.

How Does Digital Tentmaking Work?

The business model is combining ranking websites on the Google search engines for local businesses and also to combine that with paid advertising on social media accounts such as Facebook.

A lot of the courses I’ve seen promoted recently via webinars like this are teaching you how to do digital marketing with Facebook advertising to generate leads for local businesses. This is the case with Digital Lead Investing.

Digital Storefronts has one aspect of that, but the focus on this is ranking them on Google which is what I really like.

Some of my criticisms of other courses I’ve been reviewing is that is that they don’t focus enough on ranking on the Google search engines, but Digital Tentmaking does so that’s why I like the look of it.

Getting free traffic on the internet is the best kind of website traffic. It’s targeted, they’re searching for keywords and it converts into sales really well.

Free search engine traffic can be worth around 30 dollars per click for certain types of local businesses that offer high ticket services.

That’s another thing about this training course that they’re focusing on, is getting clients from businesses that charge lots of money for their services.

You’re going after high ticket clients. It’s going to be hard to have a local businesses that only charge small amounts for their service, because they’re not going to have much money to spend on marketing.

But if you’re promoting businesses who have products that cost thousands of dollars then they’re going to be happy to pay you to get leads for them because just one sale and they make thousands of dollars.

It’s much easier to build a full-time income and a full-time business when you target high ticket clients.

That’s what this course is about. It is about creating websites, ranking them on Google, and supplementing that with Facebook advertising to get low cost leads for your clients and then get them to pay you for those services.

Review of Digital Tentmaking – Conclusion

Digital Tentmaking looks like a really cool business model and it’s probably one of the most popular business models I see promoted online, this digital marketing local business approach.

That’s another good thing about the course, even though it costs five thousand dollars to go through the training. If you get one client you could potentially recoup that in just one client sale, because the amounts you’ll be charging are quite high.

That is part of the reason for the high cost of the course is the high cost you’ll be able to charge once you’ve learned these skills.

The Digital Tentmaking business model looks cool, but I do something slightly different.

I do digital marketing by promoting my own affiliate projects.

I get my own traffic and promote other people’s products as an affiliate marketer in turn for commissions.

I don’t actually have to go out and find clients and speak to business owners.

That’s not my not my sort of thing. I’m quite shy so I prefer just to work from home and do my own thing.

I just generate traffic on the internet, generate leads for my business, build an email list, and then promote digital products and services for high commissions.

You can get around 75% commissions or so when you pick digital products that don’t need to be sent through the mail. They’re online products and services that cost a reasonable amount of money, but not really high ticket but just mid ticket items that can pay you high commissions. (For a high ticket sales funnel, see my Profits Passport review and Textbot AI posts.)

Then you can really get the ball rolling by getting traffic, building your email list and getting clicks from that email list to any affiliate product of your choosing that pays high commissions.

That’s where it all comes together for me and one aspect of that in addition to paid advertising with email traffic is free traffic with videos and blog posts and ranking on Google.

That is why I really like the ranking on Google approach of Digital Tentmaking.

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