Is Entre Institute Blueprint Legit? (My Jeff Lerner Review)

My Jeff Lerner review takes a look at the Entre Institute blueprint, and what people are saying about it. I noticed a few interesting things.

So, yes….welcome to my Jeff Lerner Entre Institute review.

I work from home doing digital marketing as a full-time income so hopefully my quick thoughts on Entre Institute will be of help to you.

There’s lots of Jeff Lerner reviews online about this on various blogs and quora articles, youtube videos etc. and also the official website so I thought I would compare the two and give my thoughts after all my experience in this industry.

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Entre Institute Testimonials

Entre Institute is a very professional website and it’s an entire digital marketing and online business-building education.

They’ve got a in-depth Entre Institute testimonials package section recorded on video. Some of these clients are recording in their own house and I’ve also seen live seminars that they do where people record more professionally shot video testimonials on Jeff Lerner and his blueprint.

The good thing is these are real people giving real Jeff Lerner reviews and their opinions on the course.

Also, I recently published a blog post about Jeff Lerner Net Worth speculation, which many people are googling nowadays for some reason! You can also check out a recent blog post about another popular Jeff in the marketing world, Jeff Baxter Marketing and his courses. Other reviews of mine include: Dow Janes, Digital Lead Investing, Remote Integrator and Secret Millionaire Bot.

Lots of products in the make money online / business opportunity space nowadays have fake testimonials where you’ve got actors hired from websites such as to read from a script and they’re blatantly fake, but you can see from these reviews when you click them they’re people improvising, giving their real thoughts so you can tell these are honest reviews so big thumbs up for that.

It’s not one of those offers where you’ve got an anonymous pen name and where you don’t know who the creator is and you don’t know who’s behind the reviews, so it’s good to see the transparency in that.

But obviously on the official website they’re gonna hand-pick the best reviews and a lot of the other Entre Institute reviews online are highly positive as well because they also have an affiliate program so lots of the affiliate marketers who are promoting this system will obviously be giving good reviews to try and promote it in return for commissions.

So when an affiliate is promoting the product, obviously their reviews are going to be good so you have to take that with a pinch of salt.

Negative Entre Institute Reviews

The more negative things I’ve seen online elsewhere about Entre Institute Blueprint, that people were not keen on, seemed to be the high ticket price point of the back end products. I believe a lot of people come in at around 39 dollars and a lot of people seem to think there wasn’t much information in the basic level products and that it was quite a lot of fluff and that it is just a big sales pitch to try and lead you on to buy the next product in line.

Also, some people were put off with the hard selling approach of the coaches.

I believe they have a sales team, with texts and phone calls to try and hook you up to a coach and upsell you onto the more higher ticket products. Therefore those people who are just looking for a lower ticket information product and get lots of information at the lower end would be disappointed because the real meat and the real in-depth training and education is for the higher priced products, which cost thousands of dollars.

Some Entre Institute Jeff Lerner reviews also compared it to MLM style business opportunities, where you are essentially buying resale rights to each product and you’re encouraged to buy them just to qualify to resell them as an affiliate.

So with those offers you’re essentially just paying for resale rights at each level and those online business opportunities tend to go out of business quite quickly. So some people were comparing it to that, but this does seem to be different because the focus is not on reselling the same products you’ve just purchased.

The focus is building your own brand, building your own digital marketing business without it being attached to promoting just one product. It’s not just about promoting Entre Institute as an affiliate. It’s a more well-rounded education where you’re building your own brand as a digital marketing expert your own blog, youtube channel, social media accounts, learning paid advertising on social media etc. It’s a whole well-rounded business training rather than just you reselling it as an affiliate by sending people back to this exact same same sales funnel that you came into.

The training products are high priced so people who are looking for low ticket opportunities to dabble in will be disappointed when most of the training is in the higher ticket back end upsells.

Hopefully my reviews on Entre Institute and Jeff Lerner were of help to you. It looks like a really cool system with real coaches and real entrepreneurs teaching you digital marketing, but it has got some quite high price points which will not be for everyone.

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