Secret Millionaire Bot Review – SM Bot VIP Scam?

My Secret Millionaire Bot Review sees if $2,479/day is really made or if it is a VIP SM Bot scam?

You may well have received a Secret Millionaire Bot VIP email message from an affiliate who is promoting it. Lots of others probably are getting these promotions as well.

And since I work from home as a full-time digital marketer I thought I would chip in with my thoughts as part of this blog post.

I see lots of these offers come and go. Some look pretty good, but most are just hype. So I hope my thoughts on this one can help you out.

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Secret Millionaire Bot Review

Secret Millionaire Bot VIP System has just been launched and the product vendor as decided to go via the Clickbank platform to make the sale. Edit: It is now on DigiStore24 as the main platform.

Lots of affiliates are on the look out of brand new Clickbank and Digistore24 products to promote in return for commissions.

Therefore many of them will be sending promotional emails to their list and you may well have got one of them.

By the way, affiliate marketing is great.

It is what I do from home and it provides a very flexible and enjoyable way to earn an income.

However, many of these systems are very hypey and not the best way for the typical beginner to get started in this industry.

Very big income claims are made which gives the customer unrealistic expectations on what they can achieve with this business model.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam?

Not sure if there is a Secret Millionaire Bot VIP scam, but I find it highly unlikely that people will be able to make the kind of income that the sales page talks about.

And it makes it sound like some sort of automated bot will access your affiliate account and deposit commissions in there.

But that is not how things work!

Clickbank has been chosen as the digital retailer for this. And they are most certainly a legitimate company and safe to use to make purchases.

But they do not review and endorse products on their platform. They simply provide a mechanism for digital products to be sold and delivered, as well as a built in network of affiliates to promote these offers.

With online marketing you need to first learn how to generate traffic in the form of a variety of different advertising techniques.

It is all about taking your time to build up your daily website visitors and enjoy the process of getting this higher and higher over the coming months.

But it is not the sort of thing where you can click a few buttons and are suddenly generating a ton of cash!

Real Secret Millionaire Bot Customer Testimonials?

As part of this Secret Millionaire Bot review, let us take a look at some of the testimonials featured on the official website.

Is this legitimate user feedback or are they fake testimonials?

The video reviews embedded within the sales video presentation certainly look fake.

They are freelancers who have been paid to read from a script. In fact, these exact same people pop up all over the place giving raving reviews about lots of other product launches!

And then there are additional text based testimonials below the video.

These seem very outlandish, with complete beginners claiming they are making tons of money very quickly.

I find that hard to believe.

Whilst it is possible to generate good money in the affiliate marketing industry, it is not the sort of thing that rakes in the cash right away and without putting in a bit of work first.

It is possible that these are representations of legitimate customer testimonials sent in via email. But at the same time it provides completely the wrong idea to newbies getting started.

Secret Millionaire Bot Website Overview

Secret Millionaire Bot uses a variety of hard selling techniques to try and get you to purchase their product.

As with typical launches of this kind, the page is structured in a very similar way.

I guess it is because that this type of structuring converts well into sales.

The website starts with a headline to get the visitor excited about the offer. Then below that is a sales video presentation talking about the offer in a very vague way.

There is an email opt-in form where you get access to the checkout page after entering in your email address.

And then they have a number of text based customer testimonials to read as you scroll down.

The email opt-in form talks about making $2,479 per day!

Whilst some top entrepreneurs who have been doing this for years and have huge email lists may be able to achieve that level of success, the typical beginner will not.

If they have a special system that automatically deposited thousands of commissions into your account on a daily basis just by clicking a few buttons, do you think they would sell it to you for just $37?!

There is nothing with doing internet marketing in order to earn an income from home.

It is great and is what I do in my own work at home business.

But these hypey offers make new people think it is super quick and easy to get results with.

It can be a fairly quick process when done right, but there is much more to it than this sales page indicates!

Secret Millionaire Bot Review Summary

Secret Millionaire Bot VIP claims to be a system that deposits commissions into your account using affiliate marketing in an automated manner.

Yet if that was the case, why would they give it away for just $37. It does not make sense.

Not saying it is a scam, as even these hyped-up programs often have some useful marketing strategies to learn and apply in your online business. So you might well pick up a thing or to.

But it is extremely unlikely to generate significant cash for most customers in my opinion without taking action and putting in the work.

Clickbank is the digital retailer for this system.

That is good because they have a safe and secure checkout process, a product guarantee and customer support.

But just because it appears on that marketplace does not mean it is a high quality offer. Clickbank does not manually review each product for quality that is sold. It is up to the customer to do their own due diligence.

Thanks for checking out this review of Secret Millionaire Bot.

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