Million Dollar Replicator Review – Scam or Worth A Try?

My Million Dollar Replicator review for 2019 will see if this Clickbank product launch is worth a go or if there is a scam.

I’m an internet marketer so I earn a full-time income working from home with my online marketing. It is a really cool and flexible way to make a living so hopefully my thoughts on Million Dollar Replicator from someone who does this full-time will be of help to you.

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Million Dollar Replicator Review

Welcome to my review of Million Dollar Replicator for 2019 from the website at I hope my thoughts on this product will help you decide whether to give this Clickbank product a go or not.

Million Dollar Replicator is a new affiliate marketing system launched on the Clickbank platform and there seems to be quite a lot of these launches coming out on a weekly, almost daily basis nowadays.

This is your standard sort of fairly hyped-up sales page, although it’s quite nice to see there’s no big income claim on the heading. I talked about similar sales videos in my review of Explode My Payday as well as another blog post on Ecom Cash Code.

Fake Scarcity?

The first thing that stuck out was this countdown timer with scarcity built in. They say there’s limited copies and limited time remaining, but I am skeptical about that as I think that the timer just resets itself to 30 minutes for every new person that visits the website and I am sure they’ll still let you buy their product once it hits zero!

The sales video is the standard sort of voice-over artist reading from a script reading from text to get you excited about this offer.

What Do You Get With Million Dollar Replicator?

Inside the product it is an affiliate marketing training membership site where they’ll teach you how to do affiliate marketing and how to build websites to get traffic to and promote affiliate offers for commissions.

Sometimes this includes Amazon affiliate products as they’re quite popular methods today or digital products on Clickbank or other platforms.

I’m not as keen on amazon because the commission’s are quite low and therefore I prefer promoting digital products on Clickbank and other platforms and the system I’m recommending on this website is all about digital marketing for the higher payouts.

Million Dollar Replicator System – Who Is Michael Sachs?

The so-called creator of the Million Dollar Replicator system is Michael Sachs. I have never heard of him before and I don’t know if this is a legitimate person or some sort of pen name just as a representation of the creator.

Fake Million Dollar Replicator Reviews?

I’m more sceptical about the fact that they’ve got reviews of people claiming they’ve made lots and lots of money with the system, where as your typical new person to internet marketing is not going to make millions suddenly after using it. They’re more likely to take several months or years to get to that level so I’m not sure these are legitimate testimonials. Maybe they’re representations of the system owners themselves or some top members, but your typical newbie is certainly not going to get these sort of results.

There’s actually quite a lot of text on the sales page. Normally it’s just a video so that’s quite refreshing to see, but they are very vague on what this method is about and they don’t give much away.

With these launches its normally affiliate marketing training how to promote affiliate programs on Amazon and digital products as well. I prefer the digital marketing approach.

Then they claim there’s some reviews on Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t think you can click them so it’s hard to tell if these are legitimate reviews or not because there is no clickable link. They could be fake it’s hard to tell.

Summary of Million Dollar Replicator

So yes, this is your standard sort of affiliate launch and you’re going to get lots of affiliate marketers on Clickbank sending emails to their marketing lists and buying banner ads so you’ve probably received some sort of promotional email or something about Million Dollar Replicator.

million dollar replicator review

The affiliates promoting it will earn quite a high commission when people buy this product so that’s why it’s quite a hard selling sales page to try and get as many people to buy on the thirty first visit.

And that is the secrets to why they’ve got this scarcity so their affiliates will get high commissions and then want to carry on promoting it so that they’ll make more sales. It does not mean it’s a scam, because the method of affiliate marketing is excellent and is a really cool way to get into making money on the internet by learning how to build your own simple websites, get traffic, and divert that traffic on to affiliate products and earn a commission as a percentage of the sale.

My Top Recommendation

Online marketing is what I do to earn a full-time income so the method is real, but the Million Dollar Replicator sales page gives people slightly unrealistic expectations.

I prefer to use systems that are done for you rather than just training. This offer seems to be just training with quite a lot of hype surrounding the claims.

Anyhow, thank for checking out my review of Million Dollar Replicator.

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