Million Dollar Replicator Review – YES Or NO?

Welcome to my Million Dollar Replicator review. I’m going to make this quick video on Million Dollar Replicator, which I’ve seen advertised by quite a lot of different internet marketers in my Gmail inbox. So, you’ve probably received lots of emails about this, so I thought I’d do a quick video presentation. It’s very similar to another product called Secret Millionaire Bot, so I will compare the two.

Now, Million Dollar Replicator is a hyped-up business opportunity product on the Digi Store 24 marketplace. It’s a similar marketplace to ClickBank, but I think a lot of these sales video presentations had quite high refund rates on ClickBank, so they’ve moved over to Digi Store 24, which seems to be more accepting of this type of offer.

It’s a standard sales video presentation for these affiliate marketing offers, with some bullet points here. It’s a low-price product at $19. This is supposedly the system creator, but I get the impression that’s an anonymous pen name and a stock photo, so probably not the real creator – likely a pen name. There are some testimonials here, again, these are probably stock images, and I’m not sure these testimonials will be real.

Then you’ve got a little bit of vague information on how the product works, but they don’t actually reveal the strategy. The strategy is affiliate marketing, doing social media marketing, and other marketing strategies to get traffic to a website that you own. You use that website to redirect visitors to affiliate offers, and if someone purchases a product on this affiliate sales page you’re redirecting them to, you will earn a commission for the sales made.

This system makes it sound very quick and easy to get your own website running and generating sales. It can be quick with affiliate marketing when done correctly, but it’s not the simple case of activating a software app and then it will automatically be getting you results. You actually need to learn marketing and implement strategies to see which methods work the best for you.

So, while it’s a legitimate strategy, it’s not going to be instant results like this sales page indicates. The reason it’s vague and they don’t give much information on the type of training and systems you’ll be using is because that increases sales conversions. More people are going to buy the product just to find out what the secret is, just to find out what the strategy is. So this vague hard selling approach actually works well for the people promoting the product, the people selling Million Dollar Replicator. But I always get the impression that the people generating the most money with this system are going to be the affiliate marketers promoting it with their affiliate links, rather than the actual customers of the system itself.

That’s why I get the impression with these more hypey systems. We’ve also got some Facebook and Twitter testimonials, but you can’t click through to verify whether these are real people or not. The photos look like stock photos, so I’m skeptical about these testimonials.

And if you look at Secret Millionaire Bot, this is another product also on Digi Store 24 that lots of people are promoting. It’s exactly the same layout. Let’s go back up to the top: sales video presentation, bullet points, and a low price point product. Then you’ve got information about the creator, testimonials, screenshots, and vague bullet point information. It’s exactly the same layout. So it could possibly be created by the same people or just people who have realized that this type of sales page actually converts well into sales.

I have no doubt that the people promoting these offers are doing very well by getting commissions, but I’m less sure this is the best way for the typical beginner in internet marketing to get started and learn how everything works. If you want a really good way to get started, click the link below or click that link in the video description for my current number one recommended system to get started in the exciting affiliate marketing world.