Profits Passport Review – $2K Cash Payments or Scam?

Can you get real $2,000 cash payments or is there a Profits Passport scam going on?

In this quick blog post review of Profits Passports I will go through the various steps of this home business marketing funnel and talk you through them.

My thoughts on the Profits Passports business opportunity are taken from my experience as a full-time digital marketer, doing this working from home for the last 8 years which is very cool.

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Profits Passports Review – High Ticket Webinar Funnel

In this Profits Passports review I can reveal that this online business uses a webinar funnel to promote multiple streams of income.

As a member you get 1 affiliate link to promote and the users you refer to the program will get to see a one hour webinar that will promote multiple high ticket products for you, that will pay you a commission.

The members area is just a simple one page website with the webinar video at the top, and then the multiple income streams listed below where you can update the boxes with your affiliate IDs for each program.

So that way any sales will be credited back to you as the referring affiliate.

Before you send people to the webinar, you will be promoting a “done or you” squeeze page where visitors will first enter in their email list to see the video.

That way you get to build your email list.

Profits Passport Review – The Income Streams

Updated 2022 – I first published this Profits Passport Review to my blog a few years ago and below are the following affiliate programs that were promoted with it. It has now been revamped and now in 2022 these are the 4 income streams: E1uLife, IPS Marketing System, ROI Panel, and Traffic Authority. It still works in the same way, just with slightly different programs on the inside.

Profits Passport lets you promote and earn commissions from the following income streams as part of their system.

  1. Easy1Up – This is a high ticket online business opportunity that give you home business, marketing and finance education. You can also earn commissions by reselling these same items. They seem to have switched the payment mechanism for this program to direct payment by mailing a check to your sponsor.
  2. FunnelX Advance – This is a pay per lead affiliate program where you can earn $1 per free subscriber that you generate by driving traffic to a squeeze page. So you can make money simply by getting people to enter in their email address and not needing to sell anything.
  3. ROI Panel – This is a training product that helps you discover the most effective and profitable traffic sources specific to what it is you are promoting.
  4. Udimi – This Profits Passport income stream is a solo ads marketplace where you get to buy clicks to your website by paying other entrepreneurs whom already have big email lists to advertise your link. There is an affiliate program at Udimi so you can earn commissions by reselling this traffic as well.
  5. OPM Wealth – This is a high ticket bitcoin based business opportunity. The product includes education and tools on trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As part of the business opportunity you have the potential to earn bitcoin by reselling this product to other people. It looks like they have “business coaches” that help guide people through the process and encourage them to upgrade to the higher priced products on the backend of the system.
  6. Ring ALN – This is a program that enables you to broadcast voicemail messages to home based business leads in order to promote your opportunities. Like many of the programs as part of the Profits Passport system, this has a high ticket backend upgrade option.

Profits Passport Review – Is It A Scam?

I wouldn’t say there is a Profits Passport scam going on since they provide a simple marketing system that online entrepreneurs can use to build an email list and promote multiple streams of income as an affiliate marketer.

There is also high quality training in the webinar as well as good information on how to get started with traffic and lead generation by advertising with solo ads.

It is also essentially a free Profits Passport system as you are not paying to join it, you are only paying for any of the income streams you want to activate.

The one thing I am not too keen on is the fact that these programs are very expensive.

If someone was to join each one of the opportunities and upgrade to the highest levels then they would be out of pocket thousands of dollars upfront.

And then there is the advertising costs on top of that so it all adds up very quickly.

I don’t think spending thousands of dollars up front for a newbie to the industry is the best way to go as there are no guarantees that someone will generate enough sales to recover their funds.

Also, it is good to have a basic advertising budget to build your business. But if you have to buy the products you are promoting first just to qualify for resell rights then you have already invested a lot of money even before you have purchased any traffic.

However, I do like the simplicity of the system that all the details are on one page and I like the way they get people started driving traffic and getting leads right away.

ost beginners to online marketing do not take action and get to the stage of generating traffic and leads for their business.

So by focusing on this first step of buying a solo ad from Udimi, it instantly means new members are building an email list and moving forward in a positive way.

Profits Passport Review Summary – Yes or No?

In summary of my review of Profits Passport: I like the innovative webinar approach to this funnel, but overall this business opportunity is not for me.

I am not keen on opportunities involving direct mail or requiring people to pay for the products by taking out a loan or by spending tons of money up front.

That huge spend on the front end can put some people into a state of anxiety where they are desperately trying to recoup their money to break even.

But the best way to learn about and make progress with internet marketing is with a calm mind and slowly building up your traffic, leads and sales bit by bit and not getting discouraged if sales are not coming in right away as it can take a bit of time if you are just starting out.

However, there does appear to be some value in the training and products provided by these various opportunities and I do like the focus on list building with solo ads since it can be a quick way to get started with affiliate marketing.

In any case, thanks for taking a look at my Profits Passport review!

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