E1ULife Review – Scam or Legit Affiliate Program?

Hiya, here are my thoughts on E1ULife.

The E1ULife business opportunity is a rebranded of the Easy1Up MLM style affiliate program.

I first noticed it as income stream #1 in the Profits Passport affiliate marketing system, so decided to do my own post on it.

In this review of E1ULife I will look at the business model, the products, the marketing system, and whether it is a scam or a legitimate opportunity to earn $2,000 commissions per sale with the affiliate program.

OK, so let us dive in with my video E1ULife review.

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E1ULife Review – Profits Passport Income Stream #1

E1ULife is an online business opportunity that I first noticed as one of the four income streams inside the popular Profits Passport affiliate marketing system.

So I’m doing an additional post to focus on income stream number one as part of Profits Passport, which is E1ULife.

Profits Passport is a trending business opportunity right now that lots of people are promoting.

They’ve revamped it to Profits Passport Version 2.0.

The way it works is that you get this free system and you can promote the system via the marketing squeeze pages they give you.

You don’t have to pay for the system.

The only costs are to join the income streams as an affiliate.

These are business opportunity income streams, which mean you first have to buy the products you want to resell because these opportunities sell resale rights to the product.

They’re not the sort of opportunities where you can just promote them as a free affiliate. You need to buy all these products first in order to resell them.

E1ULife is the very first income stream as part of Profits Passport.

On the Profits Passport main website they focus on the $2,000  per sale branding to get people excited about it.

That $2,000 per sale example comes from the E1ULife affiliate program, which is their top tier opportunity.

The most expensive of the E1ULife products is $2,000 and you can qualify to earn 100% commissions by reselling it yourself as an affiliate.

But you first have to purchase it which is the catch.

The other income streams as part of Profits Passport are based on this resell rights affiliate structure as well.

E1ULife is Easy1Up Rebranded

E1ULife is a rebranded version of a past business opportunity called Eas1Up.

It has a very similar structure structure.

They’ve made changes and improvements, but E1ULife is essentially Easy1Up rebranded.

Easy1Up has been going strong for a good couple of years. It’s been one of the top business opportunities in the home-based business world for consistently for a while now.

Easy1Up seem to have revamped the system and rebranded to E1ULife to try and keep it fresh in the marketplace.

E1ULife Compensation Plan

E1ULife is a standard business opportunity similar to many that I’ve looked at nowadays such as Digital Wealth Pros, Infinity Processing System, Postcard Tycoon and Online Consistent Money.

They have various different levels as part of a sales funnel starting with a low ticket offer and going all the way up to a high ticket $2,500 product and you get to an 100% commissions by reselling these products as an affiliate.

But you first have to purchase the products that you want to resell.

E1ULife Products

The one thing I criticized these other systems quite a bit about, and it seems to be similar here with the E1ULife website, is that not a lot of thought seems to have gone into the products.

It just seems that they’ve dumped a load of generic training products about business, health and finance into the members are at the various different buy-in levels.

The structure of the E1ULife products seems a bit random for the typical beginner. I think they could get overwhelmed with all this training and not sure where to start.

As a standalone training, each of these products is probably gives lots of value and interesting information, but when you’re getting started with internet marketing you need a much more focused and structured A to Z approach, where you don’t get to dart about all over the place getting confused.

A very structured step-by-step process would be more beneficial to a beginner. Then you can start experimenting with different marketing methods and customizing things yourself once you’ve gone through a very structured initial training process.

E1ULife training doesn’t seem to be very structured. It seems to be a bit all over the place and I reckon the typical beginner will get a bit overwhelmed.

Customized E1ULife Marketing System

What I do like is that they’ve got some customized options so you’ve got a customized sales funnel here where you can build your own sales funnel based around the E1ULife System.

You can resell the E1ULife products as an affiliate and the fact it others customization means you can probably use that same funnel to promote other products as well.

You can also use the E1ULife sales funnel to build leads and promote the opportunity on the front end, but then maybe promote something else on the back end with your email subscribers.

At the more expensive product buy-in levels you get more customization options. You get the logos, more in-depth training and done for you marketing material.

This added value is at the higher priced levels. But at the lower levels they just seem to have dumped a load of generic training material and it doesn’t seem to be that much thought that has gone into it.

Most people who come into E1ULife rather via the Profit’s Passport 2.0 System will simply want to earn $2,000 commissions.

They’ll therefore just buy the two thousand dollar product without any thought just to qualify for the resale rights.

Many E1ULife customers won’t even go through the training. They will simply join, hook up their affiliate ID into Profits Passport System and then focus on promoting everything via Profits Passport.

Summary of Review for E1ULife

E1ULife is a legitimate business opportunity and a good way to earn high ticket commissions within the Profits Passport 2.0 System.

However, it it seems more like one of those resale rights opportunities where the focus is not as much on the products, but it’s more on earning the resale rights to promote those products as an affiliate.

I prefer it when there’s more customization, the focus is more on the product (like with Royalty Hero), and you can customize your sales funnel and what you’re promoting by swapping out offers depending on what’s converting at that moment in time.

I would like to see more customization and more focus on the product in E1ULife. The product should be used more outside the opportunity and not as focused just reselling the same Marketing System itself.

Thanks a lot for checking out my E1ULife review.

Whatever business opportunity you’re getting involved in, it’s all about learning the art of driving traffic on the internet (both with free methods and paid methods) and it’s all about getting clicks to a squeeze page where you are building your email and then you slowly build up over time, enjoying the process.

When you start to get to that stage where you’ve got 1,000 leads on your email list then things can start snowballing into a consistent income because you’re both getting the free new leads coming in from all the content you’ve got out there and then you’ve got the existing leads on your email list which you’re emailing each day.

Just a combination of the clicks you can get from your email list combined with a new leads coming in for the first time, that’s when things start to scale and get exciting.

But an initial bit of effort and work is needed to get started with to enable that snowball effect to steadily build up over time.

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my E1ULife review.

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