Home Business Academy Review – Legit Affiliate Funnel or Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Home Business Academy Review.

The Home Business Academy is one of the main offers in this home-based business / internet marketing world right now.

I thought I would do a quick video review of Home Business Academy to see if it is a scam or legit and what the products consist of, as well as how the business opportunity side of it works.

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The Home Business Academy – HBA Funnel Builder

The Home Business Academy is one of the better business opportunities that I have seen.

It’s a business opportunity built around a product called the HBA funnel Builder.

This is the flagship product of Home Business Academy. It is a lot like ClickFunnels, but it’s much cheaper.

Home Business Academy costs $25 a month for the HBA sales funnel builder where you can build your leads capture pages, your bridge pages, and all manner of different types of pages you may want to include in an online sales funnel.

The good thing about this HBA Funnel Builder product is it can be applied to anything.

You’re not just stuck reselling the same offer as a business opportunity over and over again like with programs such as Digital Wealth Pros and My Automatic Pay. You can customize what you promote with it and can create customized pages that redirect to any affiliate offer after someone’s opted-in with their email address.

The product has high value in itself outside of just reselling the business opportunity via the Home Business Academy Affiliate Program.

This is a sign of a good product and a good opportunity, when you can apply the tools and the training to other systems and other offers and not just reselling the same system you’ve just purchased.

This is what I like about the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program as well.

Home Business Academy – $25 Business Opportunity Funnel

Home Business Academy have a “25 dollar business” sales funnel, which is currently the main sales funnel to promote Home Business Academy as an affiliate.

It is where a lot of people are coming through nowadays to join HBA.

The HBAFunnelBuilder.com website is the retail product page, going through more the technicalities of how the funnel builder works.

This is more of a page that people will go to directly if they already know they want a sales funnel creator tool like ClickFunnels.

But for Affiliates who want to promote this more as a business opportunity (rather than just the technical aspects of the retail product) then the My $25 Business funnel is what’s being used.

When you sign up you get the HBA funnel Builder product and lots of free training packaged into that. You also get it done for you sales funnel, which you can use to promote the HBA Academy and the funnel Builder as an affiliate marketer.

This is an example of one of the squeeze pages you’ll get, which you use to drive traffic to with solo ads or your YouTube channel or your blog / social media etc.

You’ll be driving traffic to this and people will be entering in their name and email address.

They’ll be added to your email list so you’ll be doing list building which is a really important part of affiliate marketing.

Then your leads will be redirected to the $25 business sales funnel, which promotes the funnel builder product. But this promotion is done in a more business opportunity approach by focusing on the sort of income you can try and build by selling the product as an affiliate.

The business opportunity funnel has a more hypey / exciting business opportunity feel to it than the retail sales funnel page has that focuses on the technical product specs.

Home Business Academy Customer Testimonials

They have testimonials for The Home Business Academy on the sales page from real people who have used the products.

You can tell these are real testimonials, just by the natural way they’ve been delivered. The same is the case with the Legendary Marketer business I also recently reviewed as well as The Profits Passport System.

I recognize a lot of people from the internet marketing world in the Home Business Academy customer reviews section.

Lots of other product launches I look at with affiliate marketing have fake testimonials. It’s obvious they’ve paid actors to make outlandish income claims.

But The Home Business Academy is a real system with a real community and so they’ve got real testimonials and feedback on the sales page.

There’s definitely a lot of trust and credibility here compared to lots of other hyped-up affiliate marketing launches.

The Home Business Academy opportunity sales page go through some of the additional bonuses you get packaged in to this $25 a month program, which includes training on how to use the funnel builder and free training on getting traffic and leads, with recommended traffic sources.

There are also some upsells where you can get more advanced training.

There is a little check box you can tick by the “add to cart” button, which will instantly upgrade you to the $100 a month level as part of a free trial for two weeks.

This upgrade trial is for the Home Business Academy Pro Level, which is a training package that goes into much more detail on the traffic generation strategies such as video marketing, blogging, solo ads and social media marketing.

You will learn about all the main ways to drive traffic as part of this additional upgrade.

In summary, the front end of it is the funnel builder so you can create your own sales funnels and get the done for your $25 business Plug and Play sales funnel. And then the upgrade is for the training on how to get traffic to send to the sales funnel and much more in-depth training and Community Support than the front-end offer has.

There are other upgrades too. There’s some sort of financial literacy product to purchase which is a more of a mid ticket item and that is about setting up your own business for tax purposes.

The Home Business Academy Affiliate Program

The one thing I wasn’t that keen on is that I believe you have to purchase every single product you want to resale as an affiliate in order to get the resale rights.

I don’t think there is a free affiliate program. You have to purchase the products you want to resell so I would have thought if you are the referring affiliate and you get someone through your sales funnel and they upgrade to the financial literacy product which you have not done, then you will miss out on that sale.

I reckon you as the referring affiliate should still get credit for that sale whether they’ve purchased that product or not.

And because Home Business Academy this has a good product in the HBA Funnel Builder people will want to buy because it’s like ClickFunnels but a bit cheaper. So I don’t think you need to require people to buy the product in order to qualify for resale rights since there is value in the stand alone product in any case.

Thanks for taking a look at my Home Business Academy Review.

Summary Of The Home Business Academy Review

Hopefully my quick thoughts on how HBA works will be of help to you.

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