My Automatic Pay – Legit System That Works?

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My Automatic Pay Review

My Automatic Pay is a mid ticket product that out $247 dollar commissions per sale. There is also an admin fee of $33 which is paid to the company.

The My Automatic Pay System creators do not make money themselves by selling the main product to you, they make the money by getting the admin fee.

Then as part of the My Automatic Pay system affiliate program, affiliates get paid $100 commissions of the rest of the amount which is $247.

My Automatic Pay Merchant Account

You have to have your own merchant account to get paid with My Automatic Pay, like with other systems I have looked at recently such as Online Consistent Money System, Infinity Processing System and Postcard Tycoon. I personally prefer it when these offers go via an affiliate network or where the company has their own e-wallet and will store your funds and pay you out every week or so.

This is for people who prefer to get get paid directly via a merchant account such as cash app PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zella or your own Stripe credit card processing system.

The good thing with that is you get the money instantly and then you can quickly reinvest that into more traffic and scale your business quicker.

However the disadvantage is that if anyone wants a refund or to do a charge back they will go via your merchant account not the company’s so that will harm you your reputation with your merchant account.

My Automatic Pay Products

The My Automatic Pay System is one of those opportunities where the product is of secondary importance.

It’s mainly about reselling the online marketing system itself for the ability to earn $247 commissions.

The My Automatic Pay Products are digital marketing training courses on how to get traffic and build your email list and convert that traffic into sales.

It is a product library of ebooks and training courses, videos and PDF documents.

I must admit they’ve actually put in more effort to this product Library than most other business opportunities I have seen.

Because a lot of business opportunities just use private license rights products or resale rights products and they just dump them into one folder and call that their product without any thought.

This product does seem to be congruent with the My Automatic Pay opportunity, however, because it’s focused on building your email list, getting traffic and converting that traffic into sales.

This does seem of more value to the customer than most opportunities, but it is still based around reselling the marketing system more than selling the product.

My Automatic Pay Internet Marketing System Reviewed

As part of the My Automatic Pay Marketing System you’ll get a lead capture page which you’ll be able to drive traffic to.

And then your traffic will enter their name and email address and they’ll be added to your email list by connecting your Aweber or GetResponse account.

They will then be automatically redirected to a sales video presentation to explain the opportunity.

With my Automatic Pay you’re basically just reselling this exact same funnel to others.

Other people will be able to get their exact same copy of the sales funnel.

I’m not that keen on business opportunities where the focus is not on the product, but just reselling the same marketing system.

However, it’s only a mid-ticket product so if you go through the steps get traffic build your email list and promote it then this will be useful education.

As you go through the basic steps of marketing online, of buying solo ads and getting traffic to your lead capture page, getting leads coming in etc…then you can send emails to get people back to this page over and over again and work on getting sales conversions.

Therefore this process is a really good learning experience if you are new to internet marketing.

My Automatic Pay is not a product-focused business opportunity. It’s more of just reselling the marketing system with the resale right.

It is only a mid ticket product, so for what you get for the $250 I think is actually quite good value.

Even if this company was to go out of business, or it stops converting well into sales, the training you get from the products and the whole experience of driving traffic to lead capture pages and sales video presentations will be of value.

Then you can use that training and skills later on to promote other things.

I talk more about the benefit of plugging in to “done for you” marketing systems in my Mega Marketing Pro and Income Method 101 posts.

My Automatic Pay Compensation Plan

One other thing to talk about about with the business model is they have a pass-up commission structure where you pass up the second sale.

The second sale you make will get passed up to your sponsor. Then there’s no more pass-ups from your own sales.

Every affiliate you refer, when they make their second sale you will get that passed-up to you as the sponsor.

This is incentivizing you to work with your team and give them training to help them get at least two sales with the system.

My Automatic Pay Review – Traffic Packages & Tips

The whole My Automatic Pay training is very much based around buying solo ads clicks to send people to your provided lead capture page.

Whilst I think buying solo ads from places like Udimi and Traffic Authority is a good way to get started to get quick traffic and quick leads, I wouldn’t be too dependent on solo ads as your only source of leads.

Just use the My Automatic Pay traffic packages as one part of your overall monthly ad budget.

It’s a good idea to mix in paid traffic with free methods such as social media, YouTube, your own blog and just combine lots of different strategies to see which works the best for you.

A good idea with your My Automatic Pay advertising to try and convert that traffic into sales is by getting a bit hands-on with your emails and branding. So add a more personal touch via email, ask people to reply to the emails, manually email new subscribers in a non-automated way etc. And with branding you can add social media links and phone numbers, photos etc. to show your leads that you are a real, trustworthy person.

The whole internet marketing approach is a pretty cool experience, but don’t be too dependent on just buying traffic.

Be a bit more creative on how you can get leads yourself outside of the done-for-you traffic sources provided in the training area.

Hopefully this review of My Automatic Pay was of help as you do your research.

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