Postcard Tycoon – Legit 300/Day System?

Welcome to my Postcard Tycoon Review.

Postcard Tycoon is actually quite a unique approach in that it’s offline marketing with postcard marketing and they also have a text messaging and email approach to it.

But it’s more of the sort of marketing where someone will manually send a text message to you or manually respond via the mail with a check for the products.

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It’s more of an old school personalized branding approach to marketing which I quite like the look of actually, however I would think this type of method is better applied online.

With Postcard Tycoon you could do typical list building approaches with online advertising and free traffic methods such as videos, solo ads and blogging, but then you can put your own photo on your lead capture page in your emails.

You can also display a text message number, whether it’s your own personal one or an automated text message autoresponder, and you can encourage people to personally mail you.

It’s a good did use these personalized approaches to your marketing, but you don’t have to do the postcard marketing approach.

You can simply add more personalized contact methods and branding to your existing digital marketing approaches.

However, some people want to do the offline postcard mailing approach where you’re sending these postcards to other people.

This same business model is also used in Infinity Processing System and Digital Wealth Pros.

Postcard Tycoon Review – Scam or Legit?

What I don’t like the look of with the Postcard Tycoon offer is you are essentially using the postcards to resell the same opportunity that you’ve just purchased.

It’s a $300 opportunity and you are buying postcards and buying marketing materials and leads (names and addresses of people to send the postcards to), but you’re promoting the same offer you’ve just purchased.

But this is only three hundred dollars.

I’d be completely against that type of resale rights opportunity if it cost ten thousand dollars or thirty thousand dollars.

I’ve seen postcard systems costing that much and I think that’s crazy just to pay ten thousand dollars for branded postcards to just resell the same opportunity.

You’re essentially paying ten thousand dollars or thirty thousand dollars just for resale rights in that case.

I think that’s a bit crazy, however for $300 even if the company goes out of business and you stop promoting the Postcard Tycoon offer yourself, if you learn how to do postcard marketing and how to brand yourself then the $300 would be worth it alone just for the education and marketing experience.

Then if the company goes bust and you’re not able to resell the product anymore you can apply the Postcard Tycoon training products to postcard marketing for other opportunities for other offers.

You can stand outside the box and promote primarily online marketing opportunities, but promote them offline in the future with this kind of education.

That’s the value, even if you’re just reselling the products, is learning how to do postcard marketing and then you can apply that training and skills elsewhere.

An example of an opportunity where you can apply the skills to promoting anything you want is Legendary Marketer. You can use the training for the promotion of outside products and services, or focus on the Legendary Marketer affiliate program itself.

Postcard Tycoon Products

I’m just not that keen on the fact that the product is essentially marketing materials to resell the same Postcard Tycoon opportunity.

You’re just reselling pre-existing ads to sell the pre-existing ads over and over again.

I don’t see the value in that, but since it’s only $300 it is a low ticket opportunity and you can use that amount as training and apply that training and the experience of creating postcards to other things as well.

The Postcard Tycoon Website

Postcard Tycoon has quite an old school website.

There’s lots of different front-end websites for this because it’s a direct marketing opportunity. You get paid directly from people you sign-up.

Postcard Tycoon Payment Processors

With Postcard Tycoon you send two separate payments: you send one payment to the company which is an admin fee and that’s how the company makes their money, and then one payment directly to your sponsor.

You’re handling payments directly for this and that can be via check or PayPal or Venmo, Cash App or your own merchant account.

I don’t like direct payment opportunities because I don’t want to get paid directly. I’d rather the company handle that and then pay me the affiliate commissions every couple of weeks.

But some people like the direct payments, because they can take that money and reinvest it back into more marketing material and quickly scale their business without waiting for the cash.

A disadvantage to that is if people want to refund or do a chargeback as that could harm your merchant account reputation.

If someone wants to do a chargeback it will go via your payment processing system rather than the company.

Postcard Tycoon Review Summary – Pros & Cons

Overall, there are various different pros and cons with the Postcard Tycoon business opportunity.

I’m not that Keen on postcard marketing opportunities in general where you’re just buying marketing material to resell the same thing, but I quite like the fact it’s only a mid-ticket price point.

If you give it a try you can learn some postcard marketing skills that you can apply to other things in the future then there is value gained from that.

That is where I see the value of a business opportunity: is when you can apply the training and apply the skills you learn to promote anything else later on and customize it. Not just reselling what you’ve just purchased and nothing else.

I hope my review about Postcard Tycoon was of help!

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