Infinity Processing System – Pay to Play? (My Review)

Infinity Processing System (IPS) is one of the income streams inside the members area of the Profits Passport system that you’re encouraged to sign up to.

I have recently reviewed Profits Passport, so I thought I’d do this separate Infinity Processing System review video as well.

I do digital marketing as a full-time income and have been doing this for around 10 years now.

It’s really cool and flexible way to generate an income on the internet. If you want to discover my current number one online system to plug into right then be sure to visit the page below.

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Infinity Processing System Review

With Infinity Processing System, you need to purchase the products in order to qualify for the resale rights as part of the affiliate program.

It’s a business opportunity system where you can promote the products as an affiliate, but you have to purchase the products first in order to be able to be approved as part of the affiliate program.

As part of Profits Passport they have four income streams on the inside and income stream #2 is the IPS system. It is a mid ticket offering as part of Profits Passport.

They’ve got some high ticket products that cost thousands of dollars in Profits Passport, but the IPS system is the mid ticket product.

The highest level you can join at is $300.

You’re basically reselling these same levels as a marketer and when someone comes through your link to purchase the IPS system (whether you’re promoting IPS system yourself directly or you’re going for via the Profits passport members area) you will earn commissions when someone purchases through your link.

Infinity Processing System Merchant Account & Payment Processors

Infinity Proccesing System payments are made directly to you, so it’s not an affiliate network like Clickbank.

There’s not an e-wallet system either that the company uses to pay you out every couple of weeks when you request a withdrawal. For example, the Traffic Authority system uses an E-Wallet for their affiliates.

With IPS Marketing System you are actually getting paid directly by your own merchant account. That’s good because you get the funds coming in directly so you can then re-invest them right back into marketing and really help scale your list building activities.

But in doing that the disadvantage is any refunds or chargebacks go directly via your Infinity Processing System merchant account, which could harm your reputation.

There’s pros and cons of going directly via your own merchant account (payment processor) for Infinity Processing System and there’s going to be lots of different options to use because they have various different payment links on the sales page.

You’ve got different buy buttons. Someone might be choose PayPal and there might be Venmo or some sort of Stripe style merchant accounts. There’s lots of different options to choose.

I personally prefer just to go with affiliate networks or an e-wallet system where your funds are handled by the company and they deal with any refunds themselves. And then every couple of weeks you’ll get your payout you can just request to withdraw the funds.

I prefer that e-wallet / affiliate network approach, but using direct payment processors and merchant accounts is good for people who like to be paid directly.

Infinity Processing System Products

The Infinity Processing System products from what I can see is that they’re basically marketing material designed to resell the IPS system itself.

You get done-for-you marketing templates that can be used to post onto social media to promote your own branded version of the IPS Marketing System and get people coming through your sales funnel.

I’m not that keen when a program is designed where the product is is the opportunity itself.

The marketing material is not generic to promoting any offer, but just IPS.

It might be better if you could customize it to promote other things, but the product is marketing material to resell the exact same system you just come in through.

I prefer it when there’s more customization options where you can tweak the sales funnel, change the offer and come up with your own marketing materials. But this is designed for newbies who don’t want to do any of that. They just want done for you ads and templates and to simply repost them “as is” to promote the same product they’ve just purchased.

Infinity Processing System Compensation Plan

Infinity Processing System is one of those online business opportunities where you have to buy the product at that certain level in order to qualify for the resale rights.

I talk about this in my Legendary Marketer review too, but recently that company has moved to a free affiliate program option which is good to see.

The way the company earns their money is this $25 admin fee. So you pay $50 to your sponsor (to the marketer who referred you to the system) and then you pay a separate $25 admin fee to the IPS Marketing System themselves.

That’s how the company makes the money through all the admin fees.

The product cost values go directly to the sponsor, which is how the Infinity Processing System affiliates make their money.

With the product cost you also get training on how to do various types of social media marketing strategy, which is good to see because a lot of these systems only focus is on just buying solo ads traffic to build your email list.

This one focuses on social media and free methods more, so that’s slightly different to a lot of back offices of these done for you systems nowadays.

I think it’s a good idea to combine free social media marketing methods with blogging, your own YouTube channel and with regular paid advertising via your own monthly solo ads budget.

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Infinity Processing System Review Summary

In summary, Infinity Processing System (IPS Marketing System) is done for you marketing material to promote the IPS system itself.

It is a mid-ticket program only costing $300 at the highest level.

Even though the product is designed just to resell the product itself you will still learn marketing skills on social media and learn how to do marketing in general. So at a later date you could use those skills to promote other things.

I think that’s where the value of a business opportunity comes in is, even if though when you first get started you’re only using the products to resell what you’ve just purchased. But if at a later date if you’re actually putting that education into action and applying it elsewhere to other things then it’s got value.

The opportunities I don’t like the look of is is when this Pro Level upgrade is around $10,000 or something crazy like $30,000!

If you’re simply buying resale rights and marketing material to resell a $30,000 product then I think that’s crazy.

I don’t think there’s value in really high ticket versions of Infinity Processing System where you’re just getting marketing material and resell right. I would avoid those, but with a lower ticket one like this even if they go out of business you have still got you $300 worth with all the training which you can apply to other projects.

Hopefully my review of Infinity Processing System was of help!

What I do with my internet marketing is I get free traffic on the internet with my blog, on my YouTube channel and I also buy solo ads every now and then to supplement my list building.

It’s all about building your list and getting clicks to affiliate sales funnels and offers anytime you like.

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