Rapid Profit Package Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Rapid Profit Package review.

This is a new make money online business opportunity that is being promoted right now.

I’ve seen lots of people email out about Rapid Profit Package so hopefully my Rapid Profit Package review will be of help to you as you do your research.

I work from home I do digital marketing as a full-time income and it’s really cool flexible way to make money online.

I’ve been doing this for around 10 years so I’ve seen lots of products like Rapid Profit Package come and go over the years.

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Rapid Profit Package Review

My Rapid Profit Package Review reveals that the sales page is very similar to lots of other products I’ve looked at and even reviewed recently, one being the Click Into Wealth system.

It’s the exact same layout and sales page and title on the Rapid Profit Package website so it just seems they have rehashed the same sales video with possibly the same product, but a different product name.

They’ve just rehashed the same sales material.

By the way, other reviews I have done recently include: Paid 2 Tap, ClickEarners, Money Looper, WriteAppReviews and Social DM.

Rapid Profit Package Red Flags

There’s a couple of red flags that I’m not too keen on when I review Rapid Profit Package.

Rapid Profit Package Hype

One of them is the headline that is saying you just need to click one button to generate twenty four thousand dollars.

That’s obviously very unrealistic, but some people are going to believe that’s actually possible and be disappointed when it’s not

They may request a refund due to this discrepancy.

So a red flag is the hyped up income claims claiming you just need to click one button and also the lack of transparency with a lot of these hyped up systems like this and also Click Into Wealth which is similar.

Rapid Profit Package – Lack Of Transparency

They don’t tell you who the system creator is.

They just have this anonymous voice over artist telling this exciting story on this sales page, but you don’t know their real name it’s just a pen name.

Are The Rapid Profit Package Testimonials Even Real?

They don’t even seem to include real testimonials from real customers. These type of offers often hire actors to read from a script for their testimonial so that’s another red flag to look at when you’re reviewing make money online opportunities.

You want to see a real person with a real name not a pen name. You want real testimonials from real people, not from paid actors.

And you also want some real realistic expectations. Obviously a real system is not going to pretend they’re going to let you make twenty four thousand dollars just by clicking one button.

How Does Rapid Profit Package Work?

On the inside there may be some useful training on how to start your own online business, but they don’t actually tell you what training you’re going to get with the system or anything about how this works.

I did a bit more digging and went over to the official Rapid Profit Package website at rapidprofitpackage.com.

This version of the homepage is not a sales video presentation and they give you much more information about what the method is, which is Drop Shipping.

You learn how to drop ship from home with the product according to the homepage.

It’s an e-book and a digital course that teaches you how to build your own e-commerce websites and sell physical products by doing advertising online: getting visitors to your website to sell physical ecom products a bit like Amazon (check out my EcomBabe Review as well).

Then you go to a Drop Shipping Company, buy the product that your customer has just ordered and ask them to send it directly to their front door.

Your profit is the difference between the money you collected from your customer on your own website and the money you then have to pay the Drop Shipping Company to send them the product. The difference between that is your profit margin.

When dropshipping works and good products are found, there can actually be quite a high profit margin.

It’s a legitimate business model that is well worth learning about, however I’m skeptical that Rapid Profit Package is the right way to go about it.

Rapid Profit Package Review Summary

Rapid Profit Package may well be high quality training on the inside of the members area, because the main website actually looks quite good.

It’s just the way they sell it in the sales video presentation makes it sound easier than it is going to be in reality.

The same is with the Click Into Wealth System. It is another Dropshipping business model, and it’s the exact same layout of the website.

Maybe these are different sales processes the same vendors are using to promote their products.

It may be quite good training and templates and systems to use, but it would be a good idea to be a bit more honest and transparent about how the system works and what methods you’re going to be using.

It’s not the sort of thing a newbie is going to be raking in the money right away with, but it’s the sort of thing to learn and improve as you go along.

Hopefully my quick Rapid Profit Package review was of help to you.

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