Is Click Into Wealth Legit? (System Review)

Click Into Wealth Review reveals this is a business opportunity that’s been promoted quite a lot in emails that internet marketers are sending out.

I thought I’d do a quick Click Into Wealth review to go over the strategy used to make money and to highlight a few of the red flags with this sales process.

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Click Into Wealth Review

OK, let’s dive into this Click Into Wealth Review. is quite a hyped up sales video presentation.

They don’t actually go into much detail on exactly how the system works or what methods and strategies you will actually be doing.

A couple of things I don’t like about the Click Into Wealth page is the hype. They claim it’s just all from clicking one button, they’ve got a very high income claim here which is out of reach for the typical beginner.

This is quite a typical, hard hitting hard selling sales video presentation that a lot of these affiliate marketing offers have right now.

You enter in your email address and click the button to go to the sales page.

Click Into Wealth Fake Scarcity

Sometimes some discounts pop-up when you try to leave so they’re definitely trying to rush you into making the purchase right away.

The sales page claims there is a $50 discount for the product today.

By the way, I talk about these sales tactics in other programs such as SocialDM, Paid 2 Tap, Online Vending Machine, Digital Lead Investing, The Last System, Remote Integrator and more.

Click Into Wealth: Legit Bonuses?

They’ve got a couple of Click Into Wealth bonuses.

One is a free welcome kit , which gives you a quick start guide.

Bonus number two is traffic generation systems, which teaches you how to get visitors to your website.

Review of – Blind Sales Copy

It’s still very vague on what the method is and I think the reason they are very vague about the method is because they want you to buy the product in order to discover how it works.

If they told you what the strategies were on the main page then you may click away and not be interested, so that kind of secretiveness gets you to make the purchase to see what it’s all about.

Click Into Wealth System – Legit Dropshipping Model?

The Click Into Wealth homepage at is different to the sales video.

It goes through the method, which is drop shipping.

This is where you pick a product by going through these drop shipping companies, who will send the product to your customer.

You’ll create an e-commerce store for this. That’s where Click Into Wealth comes in: it helps you create your own e-commerce store and when a visitor arrives and makes the purchase, you then go to a drop shipping company, buy the product and get them to send it to the front door of your customer.

You don’t have to handle the products yourself. The profit is actually made in terms of the difference between what your customer buys your product for and the money you have to buy the product for.

There is going to be a markup where you make the profit and that is how the drop shipping business model works.

It’s a very cool business model to get involved in, but whether the Click Into Wealth System is the best way to get started with that business model remains to be seen.

Summary of this Click Into Wealth System Review

Click Into Wealth is a hyped up sales video presentation that is promoting a digital marketing membership site that tells you how to get the products, how to find the drop shipping companies, and how to create your own ecom store.

They use quite a hard hitting video like this to get you into that coaching course, but the actual ClickIntoWealth website gives you more information on the strategy used than the sales video presentation does.

Whilst I think drop shipping is a good business model to learn about and get involved with, it’s not going to be as quick and easy as Click Into Wealth claim.

You need to learn how to do marketing to get people to your website in the first place.

There’s no good having a good e-commerce store with products to sell if no one’s getting to your website.

That’s where most people will struggle, in doing the marketing to generate the visitors to the website in the first place.

Anyhow, hopefully my Click Into Wealth review was of help.

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Thanks for stopping by my Click Into Wealth Review.

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