Paid 2 Tap – What’s With This Website?

Hey, this is my Paid 2 Tap review about this site that claims you can make money by filling out paid surveys and testing out apps and games.

Paid 2 Tap Review

To do this review of Paid 2 Tap, I actually had to use the Way Back Machine internet archive to look at this website because the business seems to be no longer in operation.

However, these paid to click paid survey sites type of business models are still very popular and lots of people are searching these websites. Paid To Tap is a therefore good example of this.

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I believe the website has just changed hands.

I saw this listed on Godaddy Auctions. It was an expired domain. I think it’s under new ownership now so maybe they’ll be creating another website and the new website will be much better than the old one.

I work from home I do digital marketing, but with these sort of sites they’re going to take hours and hours just to earn a couple of pennies.

I promote digital products that pay high commissions and once I’ve just got content out there (blog posts, articles, videos etc.) I can get residual traffic and some nice passive income coming in without actually having to do that much extra work.

So I much prefer to residual digital marketing business model than tap 2 earn websites such as SocialDM and Paid To Tap.

Paid 2 Tap Red Flags

With Paid 2 Tap there are quite a lot of red flags on the main website, mainly making it sound like it’s super quick and super easy to do.

They say that all you have to do is sign up and then you get paid a 25 dollar bonus and you could be making thousands a month by simply testing out apps and games and filling out surveys.

There’s very unrealistic claims made in order to try and get people to sign up.

With these paid to click paid survey websites you’re going to be earning small amounts of money for doing simple tasks, maybe for filling out a survey.

You’ll probably get a small amount of money added to your account doing this, but you’re going to have to spend hours doing it.

Clicking ads and doing these mundane tasks just to earn a couple of dollars may not be worth it. In most cases you will earn much more money simply by having a minimum wage job.

You would literally have to do twice the amount of work with these tap 2 earn websites, so you might just as well have a minimum wage job if you’re going to put all this work and effort into it. does appeal to people, however, because people like the idea of making money from home. But when they actually do the calculations, it’s not actually that profitable.

Paid2Tap Review – Money Withdrawal?

It’s also very hard to withdraw your money from these sites.

I have seen reviews from a lot of people whom are having trouble with drawing their funds.

When it takes time to withdraw the money there are often some terms and conditions and lots of things you have to do, lots of box ticking, to actually get paid out.

When you look at the small print it’s not actually as easy to claim your payouts. Also, you can have to do loads of work to get the money and these bonuses normally have many conditions tied to them.

You might get a $25 bonus if you build up $500 in earnings, which will take you hours and hours to do, so look at the small print when they mention these bonuses.

Paid To Tap Featured on Mainstream Media?

Paid 2 Tap claim they’re on all these big mainstream media websites, but with most of these programs what they do is they simply write a press release or a sponsored post and it will go on to some random inner page on one of these websites.

Then they’ll claim a journalist has written about them and endorsed them. That’s not the case they’ve simply gone through a newswire and paid for their own press release to be published.

So always treat these “as seen on” big media site claims with skepticism.

However, there are some genuinely high reputation product creators out there that I have mentioned in my Dow Janes Review and posts about EcomBabe, Remote Integrator and Digital Lead Investing. Website Review

Paid2Tap makes it sound simple on their homepage with three steps: filling out an account, referring others, and doing simple tasks and earning money.

Paid 2 Tap Affiliate Program

There’s a Paid 2 Tap affiliate program built into it where you supposedly make money by referring others to the website.

I do like the affiliate marketing approach as it is what I do, but I don’t think referring others to websites like this is a good way to do it.

I think a really good way is to promote digital products that offer excellent training and systems that you can plug into.

Many top programs offer you high commissions of around 50 to 75 percent on digital products that you can sell time and time again.

You just need to sell one digital product and you may get a $50 commission. That same fifty dollars could take you two several days worth of clicking these ads and you could make it in a couple of seconds with one blog post or one video or an email ads that you’ve put out there in your own business.

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing.

There is a Paid 2 Tap referral program and most people will actually make money by referring others to the website rather than doing the tasks themselves.

That’s the case with most of these paid to click websites. The referral program is what people are using it for rather than doing the tasks . Review Summary

When you’re registering your email address with then you are the product.

They are gathering your information to market to you.

With all these tasks such as filling out surveys and clicking ads and testing games and apps, you are the audience and you are being used as data to promote products to and make money from.

They make money by advertising to you so you’re not really the worker, you’re not the entrepreneur, you are the product.

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It’s a really excellent way to get starting working from home.

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