Review – Scam or Legit Website?

Welcome to my ClickEarners review.

I work from home doing digital marketing as a full-time income and have being doing this for around 10 years, so I have seen lots of these type of sales pages. is one of the main offers I see pop up in my email inbox quite a lot as I’m researching what programs are being promoted and recommended right now.

In this review I’m going to talk about how Click Earners works and whether it looks like it’s worth giving a go or not.

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ClickEarners Review: A Clickbank Affiliate Program

ClickEarners has an affiliate program on ClickBank.

People are promoting this in return for their 75% commissions.

I think most people will be making money by promoting Click Earners as an affiliate rather than using the product as a customer.

That is how most of these things tend to work, as mentioned in my posts on SocialDM and Paid 2 Tap.

Is Legit? is a website that provides a training course on how to be a freelancer on the Internet and get paid for doing tasks for other people.

But ClickEarners are marketing themselves as though it is a company that offers the jobs themselves and then connects you to people who want work doing for them, via the Marketplace.

But that is not how it works. It is not a marketplace. It is an information product in the form of PDF documents that teach you general information on how to be a freelancer on the internet.

It’s quite generic, fluffy information that you’re getting in those PDF documents.

And then the so-called marketplace is not really a marketplace where you’re getting these different data entry jobs and envelope filling, virtual assistant, mystery shopping, survey jobs etc.

It’s more of a directory of links they are linking out to other third-party websites such as, Upwork, type of websites.

They’re simply providing a free directory of links. But you could get those job listings for free directly by going to the website or going to

Click Earners Review – Legit PDF Training?

The actual PDF documents where they show you the training on how to get started as a freelancer with these basic freelancing websites will probably be more value than the so-called marketplace.

That is because the ClickEarners Marketplace they are promoting is just free links to websites that you can access for free.

The best way to get started doing simple tasks for other people wouldn’t be with these paid surveys, envelope filling mystery shopping type of stuff.

Rather, the more legitimate ways to earn an income at home would be to write articles for website owners to do basic virtual assistant, web design, and social media management type of roles.

Some tasks like this are quite time consuming, especially writing content that anyone could do. But the business owner would rather just pay someone else to do it to save time since they’ve got more valuable income producing activities to focus on.

In my opinion, the best way to get started earning money by doing simple tasks would be to write articles and blog posts for people who have websites.

There’s always jobs available for people who can write good articles and for that you just need basic English and be able to write good articles free of errors.

That’s what I would focus on rather than websites such as Click Earners.

Is a Scam or Legit?

With ClickEarners I’m more interested in the affiliate program and how people are making money by promoting this product.

They are earning 75% commissions to grab their affiliate link for this from the ClickBank platform.

Affiliate marketers will be promoting this via email. I’ve created a separate email account on Gmail and I see the offer pop up a lot because people are promoting in return for 75% commissions.

That’s how most of the money will be made with Click Earners or Click Into Wealth type programs: people promoting it as an affiliate rather than the people actually buying the product as a customer themselves. That’s how most of these sort of hyped up programs tend to work.

There is legitimate ClickEarners training on the inside with the PDF documents and they do point you towards legitimate jobs to get paid online, but you could just to the websites directly for free. You don’t really need to go via the Click Earners Marketplace for most of those job listings.

Thanks for checking out my ClickEarners review.

I prefer to focus on promoting digital products and services because they offer high commissions.

And it is a really good way to build up residual income, without having to do tasks over and over again like with paid jobs sites like Click Earners.

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