SocialDM – Scam or Legit with

Hey, here is my blog post. I have some interesting thoughts to share about SocialDM!

This is a paid to click / paid to do tasks style website. I have been working from home doing digital marketing as a full-time income for the last 10 years, so I’ve seen lots of these websites being promoted over the years.

I just thought I’d share my quick thoughts on SocialDM.

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I’ve just done another review of another similar site called paid to tap and it’s exactly the same layout and descriptions on the page.

That pay to tap website actually went out of business, so it no longer exists. I think the website’s just been bought by someone else so time will tell whether Social DM will be a success or whether it will go down the same way as paid to tap.

SocialDM Review – Scam or Legit?

Social DM doesn’t seem that realistic to me, they make some very big claims.

They claim that you can get an instant $40 sign up bonus simply by registering an account, which is very suspicious because I don’t know where that money is coming from.

Normally with these programs when you have a sign up bonus like that you will have terms and conditions attached to it, and it will be very hard to meet them to actually get that bonus paid out.

It’s just an enticing advertising hook to get you to sign up. Referral Program

They also have got a referral program where they claim to pay you $10 to $15 for everyone you refer to the system and even claim they’ll give you two dollars simply by getting someone to click your invite link.

That is going to be very unlikely because with legitimate affiliate programs that pay you just to get clicks, or a lead when someone enters in their email address into a lead capture page, they will pay you between $1 and $3.50 for that.

However, you need to sign up to an affiliate network and you’re going to have to prove to the affiliate network that you are a legitimate marketer and that you’ve got legitimate traffic to send them.

They may want to ask you a couple of questions about how you’re promoting it and that’s just to get paid $1.50 per email sign up.

To get paid two dollars per click they’re not just going to let anyone sign up. They’re going to want profit proven affiliates.

It’s very suspicious that they’ll just let anyone get two dollars per click and it’s gonna be so easy to game the system by running robots and all sorts of software to click the links.

I’ll be very suspicious if that works out in the real world with that two dollars per click claim.

I do like referral marketing when you’re referring other people on the internet to products and services. That’s what I do for a full-time income with affiliate marketing, but I don’t promote sites like this because there’s no product being sold, there’s no system.

It’s just clicking ads, filling out surveys, doing tasks for this money.

I prefer promoting products in an automated way on the internet and getting paid a commission for the sale.

It’s a much easier and quicker way to generate an income than these type of websites.

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Is a Scam?

The website layout is fairly standard for these type of programs.

You get an income bonus by signing up, you get paid to do simple tasks and by sharing the program with others.

In fact, it’s quite suspicious that the website is focusing on the referral program and simply referring others to join this rather than actually doing the tasks itself.

This seems slightly strange.

There’s some really unrealistic claims about how the average member earns eight thousand dollars a month.

I find that highly unlikely that people will be earning eight thousand dollars a month with and on the pay to tap website I was recently reviewing (that went out of business) they claimed the same eight thousand dollar a month.

This sounds ridiculous. To do this type of work, top affiliate marketers who have got big successful websites, generating a lot of traffic, may be doing that amount of money. But not by filling out surveys and inviting others to do the same.

SocailDM Reviews

There are some testimonials on the homepage, but it’s very hard to verify these reviews. You can’t click through to a Facebook group or Twitter page where these posts were made. Always treat testimonials like this with a pinch of salt, because it’s hard to verify them and they’re only going to pick out the best results anyway.

People do make money online doing paid surveys, by downloading apps and testing things.

But it is going to be very small amounts of money.

The genuine websites like that will require you to do hours of work just to earn a couple of dollars.

Maybe that’s the case with Social DM and maybe you will be able to get to withdraw some cash, but even with the paid to do tasks sites that work you’re going to have to spend hours just to earn a couple of dollars and you’ll be more profitable just to have a full-time minimum wage job than doing these type of websites.

SocialDM Review Summary

Websites such as are certainly not as good as it sounds otherwise everyone will just be chilling out at home, clicking a couple of buttons, filling out surveys.

It’s not going to be as easy as that, but it is legitimate to generate an income online.

What I focus on is doing digital marketing.

I do simple videos, blog posts and paid advertising where you don’t need to do much work – just by placing simple ads to get email traffic to your website.

It’s a really cool, flexible way to generate an income from home and if you check out the page below I will show you my number1 plug into right now to get started generating a passive income from home. It’s a really excellent way to get going.

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my review on SocialDM.

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