Velovita Review – Legit MLM Business Opportunity?

In recent years, the new MLM Company, Velovita, has attracted attention as a network marketing opportunity. The company allows its members to get referral commissions from sales of the Velovita items where individuals need to refer customers to increase sales. The business aims to create a community that inspires, educates, and enriches lives by providing health and wellness products that emphasize helping people improve their everyday mental and physical performance.

Velovita Review

Velovita has grown substantially over the years due to its extensive sale of high-quality health goods. The company deals with a range of health products such as nutritional supplements that help enhance individuals’ excellent health and wellbeing. Other health goods from Velovita include skincare products, athletic equipment, and more. The high-quality components and research-based support of the Velovitas supplement make them a popular option for its consumers.

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Velovita Advantages

The company offers many products that benefit its client and ensures that its member acquires profits from their sales through referral links. The following are other advantages the company offers:


Nowadays, many businesses outsource their work, and you seldom find one with an internal team solely focused on that business. When it comes to Velovita, each team of workers from the different departments is committed to ensuring that every member has access to all the resources they require immediately to expand their business effectively. Velovita sought to bridge the gap between network marketing and e-commerce, where its staff and other members receive training from experts every week before they begin.

Customer Service

While most businesses offer basic customer service, Velovita has a devoted customer service team that provides concierge-level support to customers and members 68 hours weekly, including weekends, instead of just the typical 40 hours. Additionally, the company is made up of visionary leaders who ensure that their global abilities, data analysis, and forecasting influence a stable and secure expansion in the future.

Well Established Brand

Another distinctive advantage is that the company has a top-notch fulfillment facility under its control at the Miami headquarters, which enables them to distribute their flagship nootropic at a significant discount to their clients and members.

Velovita Disadvantages

Even though the company offers a lot of benefits, its main drawback is that is has not been operational for a long time. A new company is advantageous but can also present difficulties since few people are familiar with it and others have not yet built the confidence and security to invest in it. Since your market most likely has not heard of Velovita yet, it can take some time for you as a member to recover your investments. Even though the products the company offers are effective and of high quality, most clients find the products to be quite pricey, especially when people have financial difficulties. For instance, a box of nutritional supplements such as bran goes for about $65.

Velovita Compensation Plan

The Velovita compensation plan enables affiliates to earn commissions on retail sales to end customers.

Referral commissions are also paid where a 10% to 20% is paid out when referred affiliates purchase their own product.

Velovita residual commissions can be attained when the customer renews their product order on a monthly recurring subscription.

There are also a number of bonus payouts including matching bonuses and lifestyle bonus payments.

Velovita Product Cost

The basic Velovia cost is $49.95 per year of membership. And in order to qualify to earn from the Velovita compensation plan, new distributors need to purchase the following product to qualify at each level.

Advocate Level = buy 1 box of Brand costing $64.95

Promoter Level = 6 x boxes for around $325

Influencer Level = buy around $650 worth of product

Ambassador = 25 boxes, or around $1300 of Velovita product cost

Wrapping Up This Velovita Review

Velovita is a respectable MLM business that sells various products related to the wellness and health of individuals. Although there are some doubts about the MLM business model visibility, the organization is dedicated to giving its members chances to prove their legitimacy. Additionally, its staff and members are devoted to ensuring their clients get the right products and guide on the best available products. The leaders have provided that the company’s vision is bright and forecasts future business expansion possibilities.

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