EcomBabe Reviews – What’s This All About?

Have you heard of eComBabes? You will have after this intriguing reviews post!

eComBabes is the name of a video training program that lasts for a total of six weeks. It’s not just a standard course, either. It’s also a support group. True to the name, eComBabe caters to female entrepreneurs. It’s geared toward entrepreneurs who are just beginning their businesses. It’s geared toward entrepreneurs who are trying to scale their businesses as well.

The business model used in EcomBabe is: dropshipping.

This is an ecommerce business model where you are creating websites that sell physical, real world products.

A bit like Amazon, but you are creating your own Shopify style store and listing your own products.

But you don’t have to stock the products yourself!

You take the money from the customer first, and then pay a dropshipping company to deliver the goods directly to your customer.

There can potentially be quite a big profit markup doing this. And that is exactly what Cortney Fletcher, the EcomBabe, teaches you how to do.

I do things slightly different with my online business. I focus on generating passive-income by promoting digital products and services online in return for commissions.

Digital products can have even higher commission percentages than physical products. Often in the 50% to 75% range.

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eComBabe Reviews

It is really cool to see these reviews of EcomBabes posted on the official EcomBabe YouTube channel by Cortney Fletcher.

What I like about the videos is that they are real testimonials from real people, giving their reviews of the course. They also tell a bit about their background, previous careers and business venture attempts, and a bit about the specifics of how they are implementing EcomBabes.

Sure, they are going to handpick only positive reviews to display here and the results are not going to be for a typical, average customer. But it is still some positive signs regardless.

EcomBabe Review – Shayna

Nancy EcomBabes Review

EcomBabe Review by Michell and Sydney


eComBabes by Cortney Fletcher

Cortney Fletcher is the individual who is at the helm of eCom Babes. This founder has a rock-solid background in the e-commerce industry and is looking to share that with others.

Her primary aim is to give female entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to take their e-commerce businesses to the next level and beyond.

What exactly compelled Fletcher to make eCom Babe a reality for women everywhere? She revealed that she never found anything on the Internet that could help beginners with the ins and outs of setting up a promising online businesses.

This course has a fun and modern approach to learning.

It is the unique coaching style that makes this type of program stand out, as we also highlighted with the Digital Lead Investing, DowJanes, Remote Integrator and E-Farming Courses. People have different learning styles, so it is about selecting the coach that makes the best fit for their personality.

Another top online coach making a buzz today is Jeff Lerner with Entre Institute and I did my own Jeff Lerner review recently.

In EcomBabe, Cortney Fletcher presents the information with live coaching conferences, worksheets and a hands-on, direct coaching approach that can get their businesses moving in the right direction, quicker.

Students who have any questions about e-commerce and dropshipping can ask them during the live coaching sessions. They can also communicate easily and freely with fellow entrepreneurs who have similar questions.

Fletcher’s course is open to all female entrepreneurs. Newbies are no exception. If you’re brand new to the e-commerce arena, you can sign up for eComBabes and make a start with this exciting business model.

Training videos are a big part of eComBabes. This content can also be downloaded for repeated offline viewing.

Students do not have to wait around to kick off their eComBabe learning journey. They can begin learning literally right after purchase.

The EcomBabe Course is suitable for all ability levels and participants can make their way through the content at their own pace. Note that this course doesn’t ever “expire” for students. If a student buys the course, she can utilize it forever.

What’s Inside EcomBabe?

People who take part in eComBabe can learn about a vast assortment of ecom marketing methods. They can learn about how to start an online businesses in the first place. They can learn about the ins and outs of product dropshipping.

Dropshipping is actually a topic that’s been gaining significant traction in the e-commerce space in recent times.

This training course also puts a lot of care and time into social media marketing. Students can take part in quite a detailed course that teaches them exactly how to put together Facebook campaigns that can spread the word about their available products or services.

Program participants never have to fear getting information that’s stale or irrelevant. This training course goes above and beyond to stay on top of all of the latest e-commerce developments and innovations.

For those looking to get started in the world of dropshipping then the EcomBabe program may be a good starting point for those that like Cortney’s training style.

EcomBabe Negative Reviews?

Most reviews of EcomBabes that I have seen online are positive.

This may well because they have a good reputation management team and handpick the best performing students to interview.

The main negative things I have read online that people say about EcomBabes is that it is an expensive course and can cost as much as $5,000 for the higher ticket upgrades. So that high EcomBabes price point is what puts off some beginners who may not have much to start with.

Some reviewers online have also pointed out that they have quite a hard-selling approach over the phone to try and encourage people to buy the training course.

So it is more the high price and telephone interview style sales approach that has put some people off, rather than the actual course content.

All in all it does seem that Ecom Babes offers unique training that can help people get their own ecom dropshipping store off of the ground. But it is a high price point and is more aimed at higher level entrepreneurs with expendable money to invest.

I do a different approach with my business and that is digital marketing with digital products.

I generate traffic & leads online and promote online services and products that may high commissions.

It is a really cool way to build up residual income online.

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