The Last System by Kelly Konska – What Is Ablox?!

What on earth is Ablox software from The Last System by Kelly Konska? That is a very good question indeed!

Hey, welcome to my post on The Last System by Kelly Konska which is all about some secret software that has been created called Ablox.

Now, it is not entirely clear what that entails exactly!

Like me, you may have see The Last System pop-up in your email inbox by an eager affiliate marketer trying to make a commission from you.

I actually have a 2nd gmail inbox that I use to sign-up to lots of marketing lists so I can see what people are promoting.

And some pretty strange things land in my promotions tab….this was one of them!

I have been doing internet marketing full-time for the last 10 years so I hope my experience in this business will help you out as I try to put my thoughts on this into words!

What Is The Last System?

The Last System by Kelly Konska is your typical hype-up “make money online” product launch where you get a vague sales video presentation promising riches if you simply activate their “secret software”.

But they don’t tell you how the money is made or what the software actually does.

The only way to find out is to actually buy the product!

And I did not fancy buying this product just to find the “secret”, I can tell you that much.

Usually with these sort of things, is its a product that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing or drop-shipping.

And then they provide you with turnkey websites to use in order to sell these products.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products in return for commissions.

Drop shipping is where you sell a physical product, and then pay a company to ship the product direct to the door of your customer. Your profit is the difference in price sold for and the amount you have to pay the dropshipping company.

These are legitimate business models.

But The Last System makes it sound like all you have to do is to activate their secret software and you are guaranteed to generate a consistent income without doing any work.

It does not quite work like that though!

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The Last System Sales Tactics

The Last System Ablox software sales page had some quite hard-selling tactics that I am not that keen on:

  • Fake Scarcity – they claim the offer is only available for today, but then you return tomorrow and the date has change and the offer is still available!
  • Unrealistic Income Claim – they claim $700/day is already being made and all you have to is activate the software and you are going to have those commissions redirected into your account = not going to happen!
  • Very Vague – they say the software is a “secret” and don’t tell you how the money is actually made. This is so that you have to buy their product to find this out.
  • Anonymous – It seems that this Kelly person is a penname and they are using stock photos. I prefer more transparency with real people behind the course, like with legitimate programs that I have reviewed recently such as Dow Janes, Jeff Baxter, Remote Integrator, Digital Lead Investing and others.
  • “As Seen On” Media Logos – a number of logos of media outlets are on the sales page, as though top publications sent top journalists out to write about The Last System. This is not the case, and there was probably just a simple sponsored post or press release that The Last System paid to have listed on a minor inner page on a big media website.

The Last System Review – How To Make It Work?

As you can probably tell by my The Last System review, I am not that impressed!

Sure there is probably some useful training and tools that would benefit a complete newbie.

But it is the unrealistic expectations that they set in the sales presentation is going to mean there is a big disconnect between the way it has been presented and the actual content of the product. This could potentially lead to quite a few refunds coming in.

The best way to make the internet marketing business work for you is to be realistic and expect to learn and put in the effort for a good number of weeks/months before expecting any significant results to come in.

Online marketing works best when you stick to the tried and tested marketing methods and focus on sending the visitors you generate with this to your own website where you can promote high quality affiliate offers.

Things like starting your own WordPress blog, your own YouTube channel, and supplementing that with a small ad budget for buying email traffic with solo ads etc.

And then just keep building, growing your email list, and learning and improving as you go along.

I hope my review of The Last System was of help!

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