The Money Looper – Legit System? (My Review)

Welcome to my review video and post about The Money Looper system.

TheMoneyLooper is a system that lots of people are sending emails out about right now.

I noticed this pop-up in my Gmail inbox so hopefully my quick thoughts on The Money Looper will be of help to you.

I work from home doing affiliate marketing as a full-time income. I’s really cool and I’ve been doing it for around 10 years.

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The Money Looper Review

The Money Looper claims to be another done for you system at

They have a News video intro with work from home business opportunity type News report.

But this is not related to The Money Looper product. It is just generic news footage .

Some people may get confused thinking this is endorsing the product when it’s not. It’s just to get people hyped up and excited.

The Money Looper: Fake Scarcity

They’ve got some scarcity at the top here where they claim that there’s spots remaining as though they could be running out.

That’s just to get people through the front door though. Trying to create a bit of hype and scarcity around the product.

I also talk about fake scarcity in my blog posts about ClickEarners, Click Into Wealth, SocialDM, Paid 2 Tap, The Last System and Job Quitter Club.

How Does The Money Looper Work?

They’re very vague about how the system works.

They’ve just got some catchy, generic bullet points and a hyped-up presentation about making money on the internet in general.

But they don’t say what methods will be used to generate that income.

What this is, is an affiliate marketing training course. They’ll be teaching you with online courses and pdf documents how to set up your own website, get traffic on the internet and use that traffic to promote products online in return to affiliate for affiliate commissions.

The Money Looper course teaches a legitimate business model much like Easiest System Ever, but it’s not as quick and instant with loads of money coming in like the sales video presentation claims.

The Money Looper – Real Customer Testimonials?

Some of the featured The Money Looper reviews on the sales page sound a bit unrealistic.

The typical newbie is not going to make this kind of income right away.

I also see some of these The Money Looper “customer” review videos pop up on lots of other sales page.

They’re probably reusing testimonials from other products on the sales video presentation.

Let’s Wrap Up My Review of The Money Looper

The Money Looper is a legit business model with affiliate marketing.

They’ll probably give you some useful training and a useful system, but it’s always best to go into things with realistic expectations and the hype in the sales video does not achieve that.

What I focus on is doing blogging, video marketing and paid advertising with email solo ads.

It’s all about driving those visitors to my website to a lead capture page where people enter in their email address.

I’m building an email list and I can send out emails to get people to click onto a sales page anytime I choose.

That’s when the affiliate marketing commissions come through.

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