WriteAppReviews – Legit Website or Scam?

Hey, my to my WriteAppReviews, review!

Is WriteAppReviews legit or a scam? Let’s take a look!

I earn a full-time income on the internet and have been doing this for around 10 years.

I thought I’d do a quick video on the WriteAppReviews.com website, because people are promoting this offer quite heavily.

I’m seeing this website land in my email inbox quite a bit.

Hopefully my experience being in this industry for 10 years will help you out as I express my opinions on this and the industry as a whole.

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My WriteAppReviews, Review

I recnently did another video about ClickEarners (as well as Paid 2 Tap and a SocialDM Review) which is a very similar offer.

People are also promoting and joining in the same way they are with Write App Reviews. There’s quite a bit of overlap there.

Write App Reviews is something slightly different to what I do.

WriteAppReviews is where people want to generate an income by reviewing apps, but the way it’s presented is though you’re a paid app tester.

They make it sound like it is a job role and you’re getting paid for your time testing out apps looking for the faults.

It sounds like you’re going to be an employee working from home, but that’s not the way the program works.

This websites is teaching you more how to be a marketer and getting paid commissions by promoting apps.

This is done by getting traffic to app reviews you write and post online.

They will provide you with a database of apps that you can use to test, but you’re not getting paid for your time to test them.

You’re then being trained on how to write articles and blog posts reporting your findings and then posting that on the internet.

So you’re only going to generate an income if people find your articles on the internet and click the links within them and then go and buy the app or another product based on your recommendation.

Is WriteAppReviews Legit?

The WriteAppReviews.com website process itself is legitimate and actually sounds really good, but you’re just going to be posting a review on their own website and it may not get traffic unless you know how to rank those articles in the search engines.

Some people may be a bit disappointed because they’re expecting a job.

They want a job where you’re getting guaranteed money by spending your time testing apps.

But this is more like teaching you how to be an entrepreneur, writing your own reviews and then generating commissions if people make a purchase after seeing your review.

Websites that pay an income simply by testing things or filling out surveys those websites….they will only pay small amounts of money and you’re going to have to work for hours and hours just to earn a couple of dollars.

I would think it would be more profitable just to have a full-time minimum wage job than some of these paid survey sites, but if you do want to generate an income by writing app reviews and posting content about apps and products and services on the internet it could be a good way to start.

Alternative To WriteAppReviews

The best way is to actually start your own website and put your the content on your own website not on someone else’s website like WriteAppReviews teach.

It will take a bit of time to get going for the search engines to give you traffic, so whilst you post the content on your website it’s good to also share it on social media platforms.

That will make it quicker to rank on the search engines and get traffic, whilst your website gains more trust and you build momentum over time.

WriteAppReviews Affiliate Program

With Write App Reviews most of the money is going to be made by people promoting it.

WriteAppReviews is an affiliate program on the Clickbank platform.

Other Clickbank programs have been reviewed on this blog recently, including posts on Easiest System Ever and Money Looper.

There is a sales funnel there with lots of upgrades and upsells and down sales.

There’s lots of different products they’re going to promote on the back end once you’ve bought the product.

There’s lots of other products they will also try to sell you. Therefore, most of the money that is made with this website is likely to be by people promoting their Clickbank link for 75% commissions on every product within the sales funnel.

That’s where the money is rather than the people actually using the product.

I see both ClickEarners.com and Write App Reviews offers appear a lot in my email inbox so people will be making money by promoting these sites.

Summary of Write App Reviews

There genuine training and good methods to apply within these type of sites so I don’t think there is a WriteAppReviews scam.

But it might be better to go about your own work and create your own websites.

And learn how to do your own marketing with articles, videos, blog posts and paid advertising as well.

There is a much easier and quicker and better way to generate an income on the internet rather than slaving away with these paid survey type sites though.

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