Flash Rewards Review – Legit Website or Not?

Flash Rewards is a website about doing paid surveys and completing offers in return for getting cash via gift cards.

I’ve seen lots of these type of offers pop up so I thought I’d do a Flash Rewards review to let you know my thoughts.

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FlashRewards.co Review

FlashRewards.co is one of these incentivized affiliate offers where you are filling out subscriptions, offers, surveys and playing games.

But these offers actually cost a little bit of money. You’re filling out a free trial or a one dollar trial for some of these offers.

You are incentivized to do that to get a bonus.

You may get a $5 bonus from one offer, you may get a $25 bonus from another. It varies.

The aim is to keep on signing up to these free trials and one dollar trial services to get your bonus payments and then cancel the service before it renews.

To get your bonus and then the aim is to build up those small amounts until you qualify for a gift card of $100 up to $1,000 which is maximum you can build up to.

I have reviewed similar “fill out offers” websites on my blog recently, with Social DM Review, ClickEarners, Paid to Tap, and Write App Reviews.

How Does Flash Rewards Make Money?

It seems a bit strange how this website is going to make their own money when you are buying a one dollar product.

It might be a free service or a one dollar trial to a paid website or some sort of online service (video streaming, gaming etc.) that renews every month.

There’s lots of different offers you can sign-up for and you might bee wondering how these companies are going to make money when they give you five dollars to complete a one dollar trial, but then you cancel it without paying any more.

The reason is because they are gathering your data so these affiliate marketing programs know that people are incentivized to complete offers.

Normally with affiliate programs they say “no incentives allowed” because if you’re giving someone a bonus to fill out an offer then the company may lose money.

But some companies are happy to offer incentives because some people are going to forget to cancel in time and the subscription will renew. They won’t give a refund that so they’ll just have to cancel it for next month.

I think they’re relying on lots of people to forget to cancel and that’s how their money comes in.

They’re also gathering your data, because you’re filling out your name, your physical address and your email address.

You’re giving them lots of information to add to the database of information they’re gathering about you, which can be used for marketing purposes.

They’ll make money from that just by reselling your data as a lead and that’s how they make the money.

They are happy to offer these bonuses, where on the surface it looks like they’ll be losing money if people cancel in time, but they know people will forget to cancel and they know they can resell the lead to other companies so they’ll instantly make a profit even if you do cancel.

It’s not as good as it sounds for the customer. It’s actually more beneficial to the business offering these bonuses.

Is Flash Rewards Legit? Does It Pay?

Flash Rewards may be legit, but it takes a lot of work to build up your rewards until your qualify for a payout.

For the the main $1,000 level rewards you have to complete 25 offers.

That means you can have to be really well organized, because you’re going to have to remember to cancel 25 things.

You may have to cancel a subscription in three days time or see whether you’ve got 7 days or 14 days or a 30-day trial etc.

You’re going to have to be really organized and have your own spreadsheets and dates and calendars all sorted out for when to cancel, but at the right time in order to claim your bonuses otherwise you’re going to have lots of renewals all coming in and you’ll be spending more than the rewards you will be getting.

I think that’s what they’re relying on: is you just get confused, get a bit lost and just keep some of these subscriptions going ].

Some companies may want you to try their product because they believe it’s a good product and some people will actually stay on the product subscription because they actually like the product.

It’s a bit like free advertising to get people in the front door just to make money from the bonus incentives, but then deliver them a good product and make them want to stay.

But it’s not going to be as quick and easy as the website makes out. You’re almost gonna have to treat it like a like a job and stay organized like you would with a job.

But if you’re gonna do that, then in my opinion you might as well just have a normal paid 9 to 5 job.

I think you’d probably earn more money in a standard job than doing these type of websites.

FlashRewards.co vs ZNZ One System Similarity

Flash Rewards reminds me of another system probably about 10 years or so ago which was called ZNZ Rewards.

It was really popular back then with affiliate marketers. It was being promoted via a sales funnel that was built around the whole business opportunity model.

With ZNZ you got your business system if you completed an offer, so the person referring you could get their affiliate commissions and then you could refer other people to the same system and get your affiliate commissions too.

The company is offering these services and new business opportunities were built around them.

Most people were buying the products just to cancel and get the bonuses, but the companies were okay with that because they know in the long run they’ll make more money by people who don’t cancel and who decide to stay on the product.

Some customers may be upsold to buy more expensive products on the backend and also they can resell the customer data.

I talk more about sales funnels for business opportunities in my reviews on Easiest System Ever, Rapid Profit Package, The Last System, The Money Looper and Online Vending Machine.

Summary of My FlashRewards Review

There is more in it with these type of Flash Rewards websites for the companies in my opinion than the actual people completing the offers.

Hopefully my Flash Rewards review has helped you in your research.

What I prefer to do, instead of these sites where you’re exchanging time for money, is to build my own website and do my own marketing by placings ads on the internet and generating passive income.

Because that means I only have to do the work once and I can get paid time and time again, rather than slaving away filling out all these offers and constantly spending my time doing that.

When you build up your digital marketing efforts, getting your website’s content out there and placing ads online, it can be much more residual and passive than if you decide to take a day off or not do work for a bit. Your existing work that you did over the previous days and months will still work for you to generate traffic and generate sales for years to come.

In summary, I do prefer to do digital marketing than these Flash Rewards type of websites.

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