Is Rewards Giant a Legit Website?

Rewards Giant is a website that pays you to complete offers for bonuses. But is it legit?

I have seen the website pop up in adverts recently and a lot of people ask whether you can really make money with websites like Rewards Giant and whether it is legit or not.

I’ve seen lots of these type of websites pop up and I’ve done other reviews on them recently so I thought I’d give you my quick thoughts on The RewardsGiant website.

I work from home doing digital marketing. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, earning a full-time income online from home which is really cool.

This review of Rewards Giant is taken from my experience online.

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Rewards Giant Review – Is It Legit?

Rewards Giant follows exactly the same website Layout of another website I’ve just reviewed and that’s called Flash Rewards.

These seem to be from the same company called UP Level Rewards.

It is a rewards website where you’re completing offers in return for bonuses.

It’s kind of like an affiliate commission, where the companies are happy to pay you out a bonus by completing an offer and becoming a customer for them on a low-cost trial offer.

It might be a free trial or a one dollar trial offer and they’ll give you a bonus which is much higher than that amount to get you on board.

That’s how these offers work. You are signing up to websites such as video/audio streaming websites and quite mainstream services in general that lots of people will be interested in.

You might complete a one dollar trial and they might pay you five dollars for that, or you might complete a seven dollar trial for two weeks and they’ll pay you twenty dollars for that .

For Rewards Giant to work, the aim is to complete lots of different tasks to build up to a gift cash card amount.

It might be an Amazon gift card where you can spend your money via Amazon with your earnings.

However, you do have to be quite organized with this.

You can actually earn up to one thousand dollar in a gift card amount. That’s the maximum amount, but you need to complete 25 offers for that.

With these paid offer sites you have to be fairly organized and I recommend creating an Excel spreadsheet, because you’re going to have lots of different trial offers all on the go at the same time.

Without organization you are not going be able to cancel them in time, because you can’t just sign up and cancel straight away. The terms and conditions will say you have to remain on the trial for a certain period of time before your offer pays you out.

You will have to keep track of all the dates and the end dates of when you can cancel.

I think that a lot of these companies are relying on people to forget to cancel and that’s how they’ll make their money, because it almost sounds too good to be true otherwise.

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How Does Make Money?

How can you get paid twenty dollars by filling out a one dollar trial with Rewards Giant and have the company in question not losing money by doing that?

Well, the way the company will make money is by having your data (your address, your email address, your name, phone number etc.) as marketing material to build up their database.

They can also sell that data to other companies.

They rely on some people forgetting to cancel their trial offers and getting money coming in that way.

Also some people will like the service the company provides and may give up on doing all the tasks to make the money and would just rather watch this video streaming service and chill out as a customer instead.

There’s lots of different ways that companies will make money with this. On the surface it looks like the companies are going to be losing money, but I don’t believe they will.

They will be making money from the affiliate offer. On the surface it looks a bit strange that they’re going to give you $20 for completing very low offer offers.

But they will actually make money in the long run, because they know their numbers and they’re happy to pay out the bonuses on the front end.

Does Rewards Giant Pay Out Withdrawals?

With a lot of these paid survey websites you’re gonna have lots of small print in terms and conditions and the need to tick lots of different boxes before they will actually give you the cash you have built up.

Read all the small print all the terms and conditions, because it’s not always as straightforward as they say.

A lot of the time you’re going to have to wait a lot of time and remain on the service for a certain period before they will pay out, and you’ll have to verify your ID, verify your address etc. as part of that.

There is likely to be lots of complicated box ticking exercises that you have to do before they will give you your payout.

Rewards Giant Review Summary – Legit or Not?

Rewards Giant may be legit, but it’s almost going to be like a job with you having to stay organized by keeping track of what you signed up to and when you can cancel and when you fulfill the needs to get your bonuses etc.

You’re going have to be acting like an employee at a job and in that case you might as well just have a job and you probably earn more money with a minimum wage job than a lot of these paid survey websites like RewardsGiant.

All in all, RewardsGiant does look like a legit website because this is a legitimate business model and it’s been going on for a long time.

When I first started online 10 years ago I first I saw lots of offers like this.

The main one when I first started 10 years ago was ZNZ Rewards. There was lots of business opportunity programs built around ZNZ Rewards and it was exactly the same premise.

Companies would let you earn bonuses for filling out free offers and then you and the business opportunity side of things with sales funnels built around the offers.

It’s a legitimate business model and it’s been around a while, so Rewards Giant does seem like a legitimate company and a legitimate website but I don’t think it’s going to be as quick and easy as some people think.

You are going to have to be quite organized to claim your rewards and make sure you read all the small prints to claim your gift card.

What I prefer to do to make money from home instead of spending time filling out offers is to do digital marketing: build my own websites and place ads on the internet.

And plug into done-for-you systems that pay passive residual income so you’re doing the task once and you can get paid over and over again without having to do any extra work. The work you did yesterday or a couple of weeks or months ago could pay you for years to come.

It really snowballs into a nice passive income with consistency.

I prefer to do that with the whole entrepreneurial approach than filling out these survey websites.

It all depends what methods you want to use.

If you visit the page below you can see my current number one online system. It’s a complete done-for-you system and a really excellent way to get started building an income from home on the internet.

Anyhow, thanks a lot for checking out my Rewards Giant review.

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