CashAndGo – Legit or Scam Website?

Welcome to my CashAndGo review.

I have visited the website and I’m going to give you more quick thoughts about this program.

I work from home doing digital marketing as a full-time income it’s a really cool way to earn a passive income.

I’ve been doing this for 10 years so have seen lots of sites like Cash And Go come and go over the years.

I’ve also reviewed lots of different paid survey sites like this recently so hopefully my thoughts will be of value to you.

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CashAndGo Review

For my review of the website I used the Way Back Internet Archive because the website is not actually working for me right now.

Perhaps they’ve gone out of business or shut down the operation.

I’m not sure whether that’s temporary and whether it is a sign that CashAndGo is not legit etc.

I don’t think they’ve been around long, so they’ve either gone out of business, shut down the website, or it’s just a temporary server issue.

In any case, I have that noticed lots of people are searching and reviewing Cash And Go so I thought I would review it.

How Does CashAndGo Work?

Cash And Go is a site that pays you money for carrying out simple tasks such as testing out apps and games and filling out offers.

Other similar sites include Flash Rewards, Rewards Giant, SocialDM, Paid 2 Tap, and

They’ll give you a small amount amounts of money for doing those tasks and one of the appealing things that gets people to sign up is apparently they give you a sign up bonus.

I believe it’s around a $25 sign up bonus and they also claim to give you $50 by referring others to this system.7

I’m not exactly sure where that money’s coming from because there’s no paid membership to take the commissions out of.

Where they are probably getting this bonus money from is when you can complete the offers and the surveys…instead of you getting paid directly from the companies as an affiliate, the Cash And Go Team will be getting paid the commissions and they will pay you a cut from that.

I presume that out of the affiliate commissions they earn they’ll put some aside to pay out these bonuses.

In the long run they’ll still make a profit even by giving out the bonuses, but from my experience with these paid to do tasks website it’s actually very hard to¬† claim the bonus.

There’s lots of box ticking exercises to do and you need to verify your identity and lots of details.

You also have to complete lots of offers and wait a certain amount of time before eligible for a payout.

It’s not normally as straightforward to claim those those $25 or $40 sign-up bonuses or whatever the website’s offering you.

And it is hard to tell where exactly is that money coming from.

It is probably a cut from the affiliate commissions they will earn as a result of you doing the tasks.

CashAndGo Affiliate Program

A lot of these programs have this referral program where you are not only earning money by filling out the surveys and testing the apps, but you’re also making money by referring others to the system itself.

That’s kind of like affiliate marketing by sharing the website and earning commissions when other people sign up.

But also it all almost sounds a bit too good to be true when you’re getting paid $50 just by someone signing up to a free account.

That sounds slightly suspicious, but if they’ve got their finances right maybe they are able to afford to do that.

I do affiliate marketing by promoting products in return for commissions. I don’t promote websites like this, I promote digital products that pay quite high commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a really cool way to earn passive income on the internet, but I’m just less convinced these paid to do tasks websites like are the best type of programs to promote to earn money.

Does CashAndGo Payout Withdrawals?

Whilst there are lots of CashAndGo websites that are legitimate, they will give you small amounts of money by doing tasks and it’s not going to be lots of money.

It is actually going to be quite time consuming to meet all the requirements to get the payout so when you actually do the calculations you’ll probably make more money just having a basic minimum wage job than these paid to click websites.

If they were so easy and so profitable then everyone would just be at home filling out these surveys and no one would actually have a job.

It is a bit too good to be true. It’s more of a thing you can do as a hobby with a cup of coffee and earn extra couple of dollars here and there.

But it’s not going to be the sort of thing you could expect a full-time income from in my opinion.

There is probably room to earn a couple of extra dollars per month in a quick, fun way by just doing these simple tasks. Testimonials

The website it’s quite vague on how it works and also some of these Cash And Go reviews seem a bit high, with their earnings reports.

It seems a bit unrealistic, so some people will be coming in with unrealistic expectations.

There’s probably the chance to earn a small amount of money each week or each month, but these big earnings are going to be unrealistic and there’s also the sign-up bonus and the referral program earnings income claims all promoted on this website too.

Summary Of My CashAndGo Review

What I prefer to do instead of doing these pay to do tasks websites is to do things for myself that can pay me in a residual manner.

Things such as videos, blog posts, and placing simple ads on the internet, buying email traffic for low cost etc.

It all adds up to residual traffic & residual income where I can do the task once and get paid time and time again, rather than slaving away doing a task over and over again.

I do like referral marketing by generating traffic on the internet building my email list and sending lots of clicks to offers and just enjoying the process of doing that, but the type of websites I’m promoting are not like Cash And Go.

If you want to learn more about how I do that and plug into a done for you system so you can learn how to make a full-time income on the internet yourself , then be sure to visit the page below.

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